Igatpuri Agiary Celebrates 132nd Salgreh

The Igatpuri Zarthosti Anjuman Dar-E-Meher celebrated its 132nd Salgreh on the 18th of May, 2019, with a Havan Geh machi at 7:00 am performed by Panthaki Er. Tehmtan Karanjia. Zarthostis who attended the occasion, many coming in from Mumbai, Nasik and Surat, were welcomed with sev and refreshments. The Jashan, which started at 10:00 am, was led by 84-year-old, Panthaki Karanjia, who prayed passionately.

The crowd in the packed hall of the Agiary, beautifully decorated with lit up divas, stood up for a Humbandagi next, marking the end of the Jashan. Panthaki Karanjia expressed a vote of thanks with special mention of Igatpuri’s late Jimmy Irani, who used to be the main sponsor for breakfast and lunch through the years; this year his wife and son continued the benevolence. Fresh fruit, malido and chasni was distributed to all before heading for a sumptuous lunch served at noon. The attendees thanked the graceful Panthaki family for the memorable experience, before heading home.

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