Parsi Pride Brigade

Peachy Pearl! Pearl Arzan Singpurwalla, from Bombay Scottish School, secured 97.16% in the ICSE examination, scoring 100% score in Math, Biology, History and Physical Education. Pearl has won the Audrey D’silva prize for essay writing and stood second at the DSO Throwball Championships representing her school. She is fond of dancing and has won various prizes […]

Parsi Pride Brigade: Student Achievers From A’bad Do Community Proud!

Student Achievers From A’bad Do Community Proud!   With the CBSE and ICSE Board exam results being announced, Parsi Times congratulates our hard working student-achievers from Ahmedabad for their great success in the these examinations. Heartiest congratulations for a proud mark sheet in the CBSE Board Exams goes to Kayroze Jamshed Shroff for securing 95%; […]

HPY Concludes In Style

HPY’s ‘one month’ concludes with a spunky evening full of smiles, experiences and polished talent. Parsi Times Reporter Khushnuma Dubash gives you an account of the memorable Sunday evening. The Valedictorian function of the Holiday Programme for Youth (HPY) was held on 29th May, 2016 at J.B. Vachha High School, Dadar. This year, the programme […]