And NOTHING But The Truth!

BPP’s Disclosure On Controversies & Diversionary Tactics By Miscreants

Even as we were settling into getting a breather from the election hullabaloo, Parsi politics seems to have raised its ugly head again over the past couple of weeks. Only this time it got worse because it was stepped up a notch and shared with the national media how our community, ironically perceived as peace-loving and progressive, was unable to solve our issues with grace or fairplay. Even more ironic is that this sad action (or should we say agenda, in keeping with the baselessness of the allegations) was perpetrated by some of our own self-proclaimed ‘custodians of the community’, who brazenly decided to nationally tarnish the pristine image of the Parsi/Irani Community that was painstakingly built by our industrious forefathers.

And if that wasn’t disappointing enough, Parsi politics hit a new low because the information shared by these ‘custodians’ in the nation’s popular dailies, including the Times of India and Mid-day, was one-sided, biased, hypocritical and even untrue – the exact contrary to the kind of journalism and values that your favourite community weekly, Parsi Times, upholds. Unlike other publications that may get coerced or convinced into embracing rogue journalism and misleading readers, PT reinforces its ethical stand, reporting the unbiased truth from both sides of the fence, and getting the ‘real deal straight from the horses’ mouths on issues that have currently caught the fancy of these ‘custodians’ – including the allotment of a house to Dr. Farokh Master on a donor’s request; BPP’s decision to stop advertising in the Jam-e-Jamshed due to cost factors, which was flagrantly twisted into making people believe it was a ‘ban’; and the malicious accusations hurled upon Parsi Times and its owner, Kersi Randeria, as being at the receiving end of BPP-favoritism. In this issue you will find answers and opinions on all these burning issues from ALL SIX Board Members of the BPP, not just a chosen, ‘favorite’ few. Because our readers deserve the truth, and nothing but the truth…

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