Letters to the Editor

Excellent Navroze Special Issue By PT! Our wait for PT’s yet another Special issue was totally worth it when we received the splendid comprehensive issue on 16th March. Your excellent theme of positivity and happiness was well supported by superb articles which had us thinking, laughing and thoroughly entertained through the week! It was a […]

Community Call:
Restoring Infrastructure & Green Cover Of Our Most Holy and Serene Doongerwadi

For over 300 years now, our Community’s most sacred Dokhma in Mumbai, Doongerwadi (Estb. 1672), which is spread over 55 acres, atop the Malabar Hills area, has been unparalleled in terms of providing solace, serenity and according respect to the deceased as well as mourners. As one of our oldest and most holy structures maintained […]

Election FAQs

. ‘FAQs For Candidates’ will cover numerous queries including: Q: Are the EVM machines tamper proof? A: Yes, this set of EVMs is non-hackable. There are no receptors or transmitters embedded. So the question of anyone accessing the machine remotely through Wireless does not arise Q: Will there be Video capture of the Polling Area? A: […]