Chomp And Cheers: Bengali Fish Paturi And Coconut Shikanji

Monsoons are here! Bezad Dadachanji brings to you special monsoon dishes… in an innovative avtar.

Fish final copyBengali Fish Paturi
A dish cooked for special occasions, Bengali Fish Paturi is very similar to our Parsi dish, Patrani Machhi, which literally means, ‘fish cooked in a leaf’.

400 grams – Basa fillets cut into 2 inch pieces; ½ cup – Scraped Coconut; 3 to 4 Banana leaves cut into 6 inch squares; 1 tsp. – Mustard powder; 2 tsp. – Poppy seeds (khuskhus/posto) soaked; 3 – Green Chillies: 2 tsp. – Fresh Coriander chopped; 1 tsp. – Turmeric powder; Salt to taste; 2 tsp. – Mustard oil; 1 – Lemon Juice

Set aside the mustard powder mixed with six tbsps. water in a bowl. Blend coconut, poppy seeds, green chillies and coriander to a smooth paste. Add the blended mixture to the mustard paste along with turmeric, salt and mustard oil, and mix well to form a consistent marinade-paste. In another bowl apply salt and lemon juice to the fish. Now cover the fish with the marinade-paste. Set water for boiling in a steamer. Take a piece of banana leaf and place the marinated fish on it. Cover it from all sides and tie it with a thread. Place these on a steamer tray and steam it for seven to eight minutes. Serve hot with rice or as is.

Pina_colada_0 copyCoconut Shikanji
Shikanji is a cooling refreshment, originally from Punjab, with an added twist of coconut

2 cups – of Coconut milk; 300 ml. Soda; 2 tsp. – Lemon; 2 tsp. – Lemon Juice; 2 tsp. – Honey; 2 tsp. – Powdered sugar ; 2 tsp. – Fresh mint leaves paste; 1 tsp. – Gulkand; Crushed ice for garnish

In a big bowl mix coconut milk, soda, lemon juice, honey, powdered sugar, mint paste and gulkand. Whisk well. Add crushed ice as per liking. Serve chilled.

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