ZYNG’s Weekend Extravaganza

Rain Dance Masti

Cusrow Baug United Sports And Welfare League (CBUSWL) and ZYNG (Zoroastrian Youth for the Next Generation) organized three fun-filled events on 24th September, 2016 at the Cusrow Baug Pavilion. A ‘Scavenger Hunt’ was organized at 5 pm for children under fifteen. Eighty children from Mumbai participated and performed various tasks to find several items within the colony. The winners were given vouchers and prizes by Aspi Pardiwala, President, CBUSWL and Hoshang Jal, Secretary, CBUSWL.


Team that stood First in Scavenger Hunt, with Chief Guest Aspi Pardiwala (President of Cusrow Baug), Hoshang Jal (Secretary of Cusrow Baug) and organisor Hoshaang Gotla


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