Dr. Cyres K. Mehta Blazes A Trail In The Field Of Eye Care

Today, eye care is synonymous with Laser treatment for cataract, removing spectacle numbers and glaucoma. Dr. Cyres Mehta has become a “brand” synonymous with advanced eye care, as good, if not better than anywhere in the world!

It has become increasingly difficult for senior citizens to travel long distances to get the best affordable eye treatment considering the state of the roads, unpredictable traffic and heavy rains. Dr. Cyres Mehta’s newly launched brand – ‘Vision Vista Eye Clinics Pvt. Ltd.’ – will be a network of Super-Speciality eye care centres, offering premium quality eye surgery using some of the best equipment in the world today. The icing on the cake is that ALL surgeries will be done only by Dr. Cyres and not by juniors.

The company has acquired 2 new, latest surgical systems – the ‘Alcon Centurion System’ – the best Phaco system in the world; and the ‘Leica 822 Microscope’ from Switzerland (Leica arguably makes the best microscope systems in the world) and is soon acquiring  a third state-of-the-art Laser system.

This is the first time these super-advanced surgical systems will be available in Central Mumbai. People living in areas including Byculla, Parel and Dadar, among different suburbs find it difficult to travel all the way to Colaba for surger,y especially when aged. So, Dr. Cyres will now be operating with the new equipment at Masina Hospital, Byculla. This will go a long way in adding to patient convenience.

Some of the specialized diagnostics like the Angiovue system (first in Mumbai) and other advanced measurements still need to be availed of, at the International Eye Centre at the Apollo Bandar clinic at Colaba. To ensure that help is extended to as many people as possible, the charges for cataract glaucoma and other sight saving eye surgeries have been kept very affordable.

When Parsi Times caught up with Dr. Cyres Mehta with the query regarding his decision to start operating in Central Mumbai, even though he is well established in Colaba, where he operates at least thrice a week, he said, “Many people find it difficult to travel long distances to see me from the Eastern suburbs and we have a large population of people and many Parsi Colonies centered around Byculla as well. Imagine how convenient it will be for patients to just come to Masina, get operated on the best equipment in the world and not have to travel all the way to Colaba .Next, we plan to open in the Western suburbs as well. Our strengths, unlike other small chains, is that we will only use the best equipment in the world and we will still keep it affordable AND I will do all the surgeries myself!”

In answer to the overwhelming demand for direct consultations, as also to convenience senior citizens and ease travel for all, Dr. Cyres Mehta has enhanced his accessibility and will now be available also at Masina Hospital (Byculla), every week on Fridays, at noon – for both consultation and procedures. Both centers will maintain the same uncompromising standards of quality and customer care.
Just like at his Colaba centre, Dr. Cyres Mehta has equipped his new Masina Hospital Centre also with HIS OWN, cutting-edge, state-of-the-art surgical equipment, which is absolutely exclusive, only to his personal practice.
For Appointments or further Details, call Dr. Cyres Mehta’s ‘Vision Vista Eye Clinics Pvt. Ltd.’ Centres at:

Phone: (+91) 9167933603 / 9967439039 or (+91 22) 22040711

Message: Whatsapp or Sms on (+91) 9819850971

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