Fill me with Thy Light, Ahura Mazda

Start your weekend with positive vibes with inspirational excerpts from the acclaimed book, ‘Homage Unto Ahura Mazda’ by Dasturji Dr. Maneckji Naserwanji Dhalla of Karachi.

Ineffable light art thou, Ahura Mazda. Light is the manifestation of Thee. Thou hast filled the world with a million marvels, fair and bright. With Thy glad-some light, man can scan the marvels that Thou hast wrought. Beauty appeals to the aesthetic nature of man. But the world were not beautiful to behold, were it not for Thy light. Thy resplendent light makes Thy creation luminous and charming to look at, O Thou, the perennial Fountain of Light.

When the day breaks over the earth and the sun of Hvarekhshaeta burns with splendor, the daylight dispels and destroys disease and death and burns all crimes and sins of darkness, as the fire burns fuel and reduces it to cinders. Falsehood and vice and wickedness flee before Thy light like owls and bats that flee before the light of the sun. The sun and the moon and the stars give us their light, but Thou art the light that light them to lighten the world. The sun rises daily to set. Thou art the eternal sun that knoweth no setting. Thou dost shine upon earth and Thou dost shine in heaven. Thou dost shine upon our minds and Thou dost shine in our hearts. Thou art the all-illuminating sun that shines everywhere and everywhen.

With the death of daylight, life is steeped in darkness. When Thy light shines not in my heart, there is darkness in my inner world. When the dawn breaks and disperses darkness all life is bathed in sunlight. When Thou dost lift the black clouds that hang over the sky of my life and Thy light shines in my heart, the darkness of gloom and melancholy flees. Thou dost then hold me by the hand and lead me out of darkness into light. Lighten my path when I am in darkness, O Thou that art Light of all Lights.

Thou art the light of my mind and my heart and my soul. Let the radiant ray of Thy resplendent light shine upon my mind and illuminate it. Shed Thy light into my heart. Be Thou the light of my soul, that I may walk by the light and never lose my way of life. Thou hast kindled Thy light that burns in my heart. This burning and blazing flame on the altar of my heart is my Self and Thy own Reflection. May it ever burn and blaze and brighten my life, Ahura Mazda!!

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