We thank all our talented readers for your heartening interest and plentiful participation in PT’s Mother’s Day Special Contest! We congratulate our Winners as well as all who wrote in heart-felt messages and poems. We have published a few other entries as Special Mentions.

(Winners are requested to contact Parsi Times at (022) 66330404/05)


WINNING ENTRY BY Khurshid Medhora: 

The loving arms that held me,
The smile that consoled me,
The voice that cajoled me,
The laughter that comforted me,
It was yours, My Mother, it was yours….
The hands that guided me to walk,
The voice that taught me to talk,
The support that made me stand,
The help that made me learn to fend and tend,
It was yours, My Mother, it was yours….
When memories on me descend,
The past will always precede.
For happy were those days
When I was free and gay
For I was with you, My Mother, I was with you.…
Today as I sit in retrospect all alone,
I think of all that has come and gone.
The process of growing up has brought me much trouble,
Which has with each year, only grown double.
For I have grown away from you, My Mother, I have grown away from you….
Although today you are not with me,
Your loving memories will always be
An intricate part of my happy past,
Safely stored in my heart.
You will always be in my heart, My Mother, You will always be in my heart….
Now that I have also become a Mother,
Each day I ponder on all that you did utter.
I cannot thank you enough for all that you taught me,
For making me the person that today I am proud to be.
Thank you for always being there for me, My Mother, Thank you for always being there for me.

WINNING ENTRY BY Roshan Dastoor:

Mother, dear mother,
Like you, there’s no other
You hush up our cries
And sing us lullabies
From the day we are born,
As long as life goes on.
When we mutter and stutter
You go all a-flutter
To make us feel stable,
Cozy and comfortable.
Through the rough and the smooth,
‘Tis your arms that soothe!
You teach us to be strong,
To differentiate right from wrong.
Your mere presence gives us hope and courage,
Your compassionate ways never discourage.
Your lip-smacking recipes I will always relish,
Your deep-rooted philosophy, I will always cherish.
May you live a hundred years,
Forever by us, to allay our fears.
You are a friend, philosopher and guide,
Teaching us how to take things in our stride.
No riches or treasures can measure your worth,
Your selfless love is the greatest blessing on earth.

WINNING ENTRY BY Sharmin Karanjia:


Editor’s Note: Every eye at the Parsi Times office shed a tear on receiving a mail from Khushnuma and Farhad Kapadia, parents of late Parvara, our little, 11-year-old little angel, who was tragically snatched from us in a bike accident, earlier this March. The whole community was heart-broken, standing by her parents. In the mail, we were informed, that before the accident, Parvara had penned a sweet poem in her personal diary, for her mummy – Khushnuma, who on reading about PT’s Mother’s Day Contest wished to share the same with the Community. It is our privilege and our tribute to honour her memory and her love for her mother by publishing the same…

My Mother – By Parvara
My mother looks beautiful,

My mother is tall,
But she is a little strict,
That’s why I am scared of her.
My mother is busy,
But not always,
She sometimes spends time with me,
And looks after my family.
We sometimes go for swimming,
We sometimes play at home,
We play carrom, badminton, etc,
And we sometimes go for walk.
But she is a kind hearted,
And sometimes I love her,
But she is the world’s best mummy,
I have never met before.

By Zaina Naterwalla:

To the one who gave me life,
To the star so full of light,
She fed me from her gentle breast
And cradled me in her arms to rest.
When I would wake up and cry,
It was you – Ma – who sung me a sweet lullaby.
If I got hurt when I fell,
You’d kiss the part to make it well.
When I felt hungry, you’d cook yummy food
Just to get me back in a good mood.
There are times only you can understand my tears,
And soothe my disappointments, calm my fears.
I thank you for your tender care,
The deep warm hugs, for always being there.
I’ll love you to the end,
My dearest mother, my very best friend.

By Dinaz Treger-Patel:
A True-Blue Parsi Foodie

Honestly, without you, life is like Pizza without Cheese.
I love you like Jerry loves his Cheese, Popeye loves his Spinach and the way Tom likes his Steak!
I have to admit that our relation is sometimes like that ‘Eww’ face I make when I chew Elaichi by mistake whilst having my Chicken Biryani, but other than that I love you the way you are! You’re Eggsquisite, you’re one in a Melon! There’s no one Butter than you, Mom!
I guess all I’m trying to say is that, a Mother in a family is like Salt in food – the most important ingredient, without which any eye-pleasing, Instagram-ready cuisine is incomplete, and whose absence is valued most when it’s missing from our food!
Thanks a Brunch for reading this!

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