The Best Life Lessons Learnt From A Pooch!

These last couple of months, I’ve been spending quality time with my nephew’s, umm, or should I say niece’s dog (the ownership’s a bit hazy, but strongly debatable between the two). Safe to say then, the cute pooch that belonging to both, taught me some salient lessons about life without even trying. For all who seek life’s truths and are leaning towards meditation, chanting, art of living courses, gratitude and attitude classes, I say observe one closely. Adopt, foster or just keep a dog – they prove better teachers than life coaches, motivational speakers, counsellors and the sort. Any proud dog-parent will ascertain that there are invaluable lessons to be learnt from them. Truly, a dog can and will inadvertently teach you about life and how to live the best one ever.

We can learn loads from man’s best friend… how to love, live and play without thought, without care and without motive. Now much has been written about the physical and psychological benefits enjoyed by pet owners. Observe dogs and their happy world to learn how to live the best life possible. They live in the moment, experiencing its maximal joy and exuberance; they teach you to appreciate the simple things in life – a walk, a kind look, a stray leaf on the street, a nap in that scant pool of sunlight. They teach you about enthusiasm and optimism too… about loving unconditionally, selflessness, friendship and unwavering loyalty.

It’s All About Love: Being greeted by your pet at the door is a welcome like no other. They exhibit no bias, no prejudices. They meet and greet everyone with affection and love – be it the house help, plumber or driver! They crave love and they give love – no questions asked, no holds barred.

Living In The Moment: Theirs is a life of joy, fun and simplicity. They live in the moment and for the moment. They are flexible to any change in their routine as long as it involves you. They adapt, adopt and embrace change – good or bad, without fuss or much ado. They are involved and committed to all they do in the moment.

Life’s About Simple Routines And Rhythms: Humans have a tendency to clutter our lives and our time. Observe your dog and you will understand how easy life was really meant to be. If you have things to do, by all means, do them, but if you need some down time, that’s alright too. Dogs can switch on and off in an instant. From an exhibition of overcharged zeal and exuberance they can be out like a light and asleep the very next minute!

Every Floating Feather And Shiny Rock Deserves Your Attention: Dogs are insanely curious. They are keen and adventurous by nature. It’s like everything captures their attention from sunbeams to shadows, birds on window-sills, footsteps, even rainfall. A new scent is never overlooked. They find new potential sources of amusement or ways to fulfil a need. Could be a tasty treat, or just an opportunity to thrive and learn. They never fail to recognise every possible source of happiness and the resources at our disposal!

Love Unconditionally: A prime trait – dogs and unconditional love are synonymous because that’s just how they love. Take a page out of their book to learn love. They do not weigh your merits or judge if you are suitable for love. They do not question if you are worthwhile or deserving. They love you, no matter what, whether you deserve their loving or not.

Forgive And Forget In An Instant: How many times have you been stern with your dog for clumsily knocking over a precious memento or making your bed his own? What about all the times he’s messed up the place, to seek a little attention? Dogs have very short-term memory with their own people, they never hold a grudge for long. Their love and trust in you is implicit, unshakable. As humans, we tend to drift away from forgiveness very soon in life.

It’s OK To Be Yourself: Dogs have no filter. Have you seen them whirling around trying to grab a bite of their posterior and tail? Have you seen them dancing from sprinkler to sprinkler getting almost as keyed up and excited, as wet. Or simply barking and chasing innocent pigeons from the yard that suddenly became their prized chattels. If his foolishness is a cause of mirth and delight to you, believe me, they will put on a show worthy of Broadway for the next hour or two! So often we forget to be just silly and fun, just for the heck of it. Remember those cartwheels and all that twirling we enjoyed way back as kids? What stops you now? Is it just the thought of looking a bit ridiculous in the eyes of the world or some other inhibition that restricts you? Try it sometimes – your dog certainly knows what he’s doing to guarantee that every day he lives is a little loony crazy but doggone great!

They Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff: Oh yes! There are worse things in life than muddy paws on your carpet or the shattered pieces of your favourite coffee mug. Over time, you get used to the bounding up on those just newly-changed bed-linen and their deft mastery at changing pristine looks on the landforms of your house and stead, into hurricane-affected relics of disaster. Their innocent playful looks and antics soon have you eating out of their paws rather than fretting over the state of your house and affairs, even if it means hosting friends and guests, constantly in a state of disarray.

They Teach You Responsibility And Love For Another: Own a dog and within days you learn to be responsible for another. Their feed, their walk, their vaccinations, the vet visits will teach you and your kids a lot about responsibility. A dog can wet your floor, puke on the bed, mess up the bathroom and chances are, you won’t bat an eye. By and by you will learn to accept and tolerate all the messiness of his habits. They teach you how to be involved caretakers and loving caregivers. Own a pooch, and if you have a heart half as big as theirs, you’ll learn valued lessons in empathy, tolerance, love and patience.

In our world today, judgement is passed too quickly and things are valued more than souls. If you find yourself losing your way, get a dog. Don’t lead him, follow his lead instead. The path a dog chooses is always one of love, kindness and joy, for all things and all people in the world!

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