Zahan Turel’s Parents Offer Thanks…

On the fateful 24th October, 2020, the whole community came together in prayer for our 15-year-old, young priest from Surat and student at Mumbai’s Dadar Boarding Madressa – Mobed Zahan Turel – who unfortunately suffered from burn injuries, when his jama caught fire, whilst performing the Rapithvan Geh Boi ceremony, at Goti Adarian, Surat, where seven generations of his family have served before him. Zahan’s recovery, over the past five months, has been heartening, with the support of the community’s premiere institutions and stalwarts and the collective prayers of us all for his quick and pain-free healing.

Parsi Times recently received an email from Zahan’s parents – Meherzad and Farzin Turel – who wish to share their sense of hope and gratitude with the community…


“I request you to kindly publish the following two letters in your esteemed newspaper, Parsi Times:

Appreciating The Efforts Of Dr. Jokhi, Dr. Abhyankar And Team Of Masina Hospital

I am sending this note with my heartfelt gratitude and I thank you profusely for easing our pain and agony every single day, giving us hope when all we had was despair! You and the able team at Masina Hospital have done what medical science alone cannot achieve. Your able team, headed and guided by you, continue to be a blessing to all.

No words are enough to appreciate the service you rendered. Outstanding, Impeccable, Reassuring help and support was pouring from you and the hospital staff, day in and day out. Doctor Sir, you have gone above and beyond to ensure Zahan is up and moving.

A patient’s testimonial is less of a recognition of a doctors professional expertise, and more of a recommendation of the medical team’s ability to listen, to care and to heal. My family can vouch for the fact that your abilities and human touch stand unmatched!!!

We give endless thanks to you and team for your unwavering support, contribution and concern to the family when all we had was despair and shaky hope. Your humility and compassion is appreciated and we stand hugely indebted to you for your brilliant contribution and concern for Zahan’s recovery.

May Almighty God bless you and your loved ones with a remarkable life ahead! Much Blessings, Gratitude and beyond!

Gratitude To WZO Trust Funds And Respected Mr. Dinshaw Tamboly And The Community

Words fail me to express my gratitude especially to a Gentleman who came into Zahan’s life as a saviour in human form, an absolute Guardian Angel sent by Pak Dadar Ahuramazda, during the most trying and tumultuous time! You came forward and took up the torch for a noble cause. Your unwavering support and guidance brought immense strength and peace to face the wrath that befell our family.

Stress had gripped me as I fought two ghastly battles – one, to provide best treatment to my son; and second, to manage funds needed for timely payments for the treatment. You are the ‘Champion of Humanitarian Causes’ and your efforts lift people up and make life better.

Respected Sir, I feel humbled by your altruism. My family stands hugely indebted to you forever in this lifetime for your generous, humane act. A thank you doesn’t justify how deeply we appreciate your kindness and overwhelming support. I thank the WZO Trust Funds for supporting us during these times and acknowledge the receipt of the contributions collected and handed over to Zahan.

I would fail in my duty if I forget to mention that the entire community which has stood up by my side, when an unfortunate crisis stood at my doorsteps. No words are enough to thank each one of you beautiful souls. I cannot and will never be able to repay you individually for your sincere outpouring of love, concern, thoughts and powerful prayers, every single moment of every single day. The power of collective prayers and genuine compassion made the family stand tall and face the wrath. Zahan was able to thus fight his life’s battle with an indomitable spirit!

Please accept our earnest gratitude. Your kind deeds will not go unnoticed or unappreciated by our family and our omnipotent Pak Dadar Ahuramazda!

From Farzin and Meherzad Turel




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