The Age Of Aquarius

According to western astrology, we are now in the Aquarian age, which is receptive to the higher vibrational frequencies of the Universe. The Age of Aquarius is referred to in several ways by different sources. Edgar Cayce, the great psychic, refers to it as the start of the ‘New Age’. It is also referred to in several other ways, such as ‘The second coming of Christ’, ‘The end times’, ‘Armageddon’ and ‘Apocalypse’.

Ancient India called this shift of energies as ‘Changing of a Yug’ – a yug being a cyclic phenomenon of hundreds of thousands of years, like ‘Sat-Yug, Kal-Yug, Treta-Yug and the Dwapar-Yug’, each carrying its own unique vibrational frequency of collective-consciousness. In the Zorastrian ‘Jamaspi’, as well as the ‘Chithrem Buyat’ prayers, it is believed that a saviour called Shah Behram Varzavand will manifest. Other religions also talk of saviors like the Kaalki Avatar. In fact, several souls from higher dimensions will incarnate on planet Earth and work together in harmony for the common goal of humanity’s spiritual revival.

 From time to time, there have been psychics who could predict the future by ‘seeing’ it through their third-eye-chakra. They had predicted that the USSR would disintegrate and get fragmented into several small nations; that Germany will be united; that there will be a fall for dictators in Syria, Egypt and Libya and that China, a sleeping giant then, will rise due to the technology-boom, that in the so-called advanced nation, the USA, even school-children will turn violent and kill others with guns, that the planet Earth will come to a stand-still due to a dangerous germ (COVID), which will destroy huge populations just like the earthquakes. This destruction by germs, wars and natural calamities is referred to by the psychics as, ‘cleaning of the negative energies of collective-consciousness’.

These are all indicators that we are entering the Aquarian Age or already in it. The transition from the Age of Pisces to Aquarius is taking its toll as we try to pass from turmoil into an age of peace and calm. Of course, all this will take time, perhaps a hundred years or even more! True, there’s lots of so-called progress and advances in technology but then, there’s also a sense of discontent, earning money at the cost of your health, protests, poverty, discontentment, greed, inequality, corruption, environmental pollution, ego and above all, global terrorism, leading to a complete breakdown of family life.

Whenever there’s total chaos, Nature allows it to happen only to a certain limit and once that limit is crossed, Nature has her own ways, like natural-calamities to bring order out of that chaos. Planet Earth is a living, breathing entity. For thousands of years, its basic frequency was 7.8 Hz., which scientist Schumann called the “the heartbeat of the Earth” (its vibrational frequency). Today, as our planet moves to another part of the Universe, with the ‘Dawning of the Age of Aquarius’, the universal-background etheric frequency increases. Planet Earth is perhaps smaller than a drop in the ocean, on the edge of a vast Universe, which consists of other Solar systems, planets, stars, galaxies and various milky-ways, Black-holes and other forms of life and civilizations. The entire Universe is energy. Everything is energy, which is defined as a vibration or a frequency, which can never be created or destroyed. It can only change forms. Different forms of life exist at different frequencies. Our planet Earth’s collective-consciousness functions at a very low frequency due to which there is chaos.

In the Aquarian Age, Earth moves into that part of the Universe which has a higher etherial-vibrational rate which requires the Earth’s collective consciousness to raise it’s vibrational-rate for good times to come. Collective consciousness is made up of people and hence, each one of us has to raise our own vibrational-rate by choosing right over wrong and truth over lies and good over evil. According to psychics and astrologers, after 2029, humanity will go through a positive transition, with a highly evolved collective mind-set, so that peace and happiness will automatically follow.

Humanity will realise that war and violence don’t bring happiness – it’s wrong for a few persons to hoard billions of Rupees while a great many people are starving… That its’ useless spending money on collective health-care because health is a matter of leading a simple life… That the education system doesn’t allow a pupil to study according to his aptitude since learning is meant merely to pass an exam, get a degree and forget all about it.

People will change their ideas about health, the state of their bodies, relationships, diets, exercise and environmental degradation. They will know the value of drinking pure water, breathing fresh air and eating ‘clean’ food. There will be awareness about rest, relaxation and sleep being good for optimum health. This is what psychics have predicted with their ‘remote-viewing’.

What is remote viewing? When the third-eye chakra of a person is fully opened and activated, the person goes into an altered state of consciousness across time and space. In ancient India, this was practiced by Rishis, Munis and Yogis when they went ‘ahead in time’ and predicted the future. According to what I read, there are several intelligent entities and higher civilizations watching and helping planet Earth through the shift from the negative to the positive in the Aquarian Age. This explains several mysteries like ‘The Bermuda Triangle’, and sightings of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects). Once we make the transition, these higher civilizations will help us with a lot of their advanced technologies to transform planet Earth (by raising its’ vibrations) into a better and more beautiful place. At least that is the hope of our philosophers and mystics.

Further, our collective-consciousness will be totally transformed and we shall start behaving like other higher civilizations which operate on the principle of unconditional love. we shall see ourselves not as separate beings but realize the oneness of the Universe and Humanity will become a more compassionate society. Our task at a micro-level is to ease this Aquarius Age transition at an individual level by choosing right over wrong, good over evil and truth over un-truth. Lead a simple life, close to Nature, be happy and make others happy so that we can welcome the ‘New Age’ with hope and joy.

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