Dr. Er. Parvez Bajan Speaks At BASZA

Khurshed Pastakia, Minoo Khan, Er. Dr. Parvez Bajan
Khurshed Pastakia, Minoo Khan, Er. Dr. Parvez Bajan

On the eve of 25th June, 2016, the Borivali and Suburban Zoroastrian Association (BASZA) organised an interactive talk by Dr. Er. Parvez Bajan, at Rustomjee School, Dahisar. President Minoo Khan and Jt. President Jimmy Adajania introduced Dr. Ervad Parvez Bajan, who addressed the session in Gujarati. Speaking about the ‘Relevance of Zoroastrian Religion in the Modern World’, Dr. Bajan said, “What makes the Zoroastrian religion relevant to the modern world is the fundamental principle highlighted in the Ahunavaiti Gatha: The concept of Spenta Mainyu (the Good Mind) and Angre Mainyu (the Evil Mind), the two paths of right and wrong available to man. The Gathas explain the consequences of following each of these paths. Zoroastrianism is not a religion of prescriptions – of do’s and don’ts. No other religion, then or now, gives such freedom to its followers. This is what has kept the religion relevant and alive through millennia to this day.”

The function concluded with a floral presentation by Khurshed Pastakia to Dr. Parvez and wife Bapsy Bajan, followed by dinner.

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