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Maneck Davar’s Statement Regarding Joh Bawa
Joh Bawa has recently carried a statement by Maneck Davar wherein he states: “… a certain section of the community media has attributed the ownership of johbawa.com to me. I wish to clearly state that neither do I have any ownership stakes nor I am sponsoring this website in any manner. We are just service providers on a professional fee basis to johbawa.com, and it is one amongst the hundred odd clients of my company Spenta Digital Media Pvt. Ltd. our relationship is akin to that of an independent printing press which prints a newspaper. The printing press is not responsible for the content in the newspaper, just as the service provider is not responsible for the contents of a website.”
A provider of service cannot absolve himself of liability or responsibility, especially when he is fully aware that the content is false, mischievous or defamatory. Forget the legal liability or responsibility, what about the moral and ethical responsibility of a service provider who otherwise harps on high Zoroastrian values?? How easy it is to disown responsibility when convenient!
When Maneck Davar contested the October 2015 BPP election (and lost) he talked about surrendering his tenancy of a charity flat at Khareghat colony. Despite reminders from the BPP administration to him, he continues to maintain a stony silence! It’s been a year since he made this pompous proclamation… apparently, Davar is a man of clever words, but not of deed.
Interestingly, when Joh bawa was initially launched around mid-2015 (strategically just before the October 2015 elections) it was hosted on viraf.com server and viraf.com is Viraf Dinshaw Mehta’s website. Viraf Dinshaw Mehta’s email is viraf@viraf.com. Take a simple test. Use this website to see which other websites are hosted on the same server http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/web-sites-on-web-server. In ‘Remote Address’ type viraf.com and click ‘check’. It will show 6 domains hosted on the same web server as viraf.com (
Johbawa.com and viraf.com are among the 6 domains hosted on the same web server. We have preserved the screenshot. The link above is not fully conclusive, but a bounce back email we got earlier from the “parent” server viraf.com to our email was conclusive.
This is the same Viraf Mehta who glibly and mechanically talks about ‘transparency’ without practicing it. Why has he kept this fact so cleverly disguised and undisclosed if he is truly so honest and independent?
By ‘Kem Bawa!’ (identity verified and withheld on request).

Request To BPP Chairman
Dear Editor,
In the interest of our community I request you to inform the Chairman of BPP Trust to terminate the trusteeship of Viraf Mehta and Armaity Tirandaz as they are working against the interest of the Zoroastrian community. They should be immediately replaced to enable smooth functioning of the BPP.
Thanking you and the balance trustees for their best efforts put in against all evil doings of Viraf and Armaity. May Ahura Mazda Bless them ALSO with Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds!!! As done for All of us.
Dinshaw Bhiwandiwalla

Assa Parshi Lok Madhe Hotat Kai??
Dear Editor,
At the Ballard Pier Court’s Courtyard on Sept. 8,
A BPP Trustee was waylaid!
And to the shame of our community small,
The assailant’s pop joined the brawl!
Was it a mental aberration or in upbringing a flaw,
That the father encouraged such a shameful act outside the very temple of law!
The melee was there for all to see
This foul act of vagrancy.
The pop and son did rant and rave
With invectives, like dry fruits on ravo or sev.
This scene a policeman who did espy,
Commented in shock, “Assa Parshi Lok Madhe Hotat Kai?”
Dara Khodaiji

Don’t Mistake Silence For Weakness
Dear Editor,
Court proceedings will go on and on and the judge will continue giving date after date – the same goes for the Charity Commissioner’s office. There are 2.18 Cr cases pending in India, as on June 2016. The purpose of this letter is to draw the attention of the Trustees to update the community as regards the status of the 20 home-applicants who are suffering on account of 2 Trustees who are aware of how the judiciary works and are solely responsible for the suffering of these 20 applicants.
Through this forum I request the Trustees of the BPP to plan and visit colonies and provide a factual picture. Having said that, I must add that the people’s participation is also requested. Can we not show solidarity to these 20 applicants and question the Trustees during the meet? Let me caution the community members – if we don’t act and stop this drama now, we will have to endure another 7-year ban on house allotments because that is how long (or more) the Judiciary will take! Come out of your comfort zones, spare an hour and question the Trustees and seek solutions.
Also, I wish to know where is the CCTV footage and medical reports that the community was literally fooled into believing that a serious offense was committed? A lot of time was wasted on this blockbuster drama with visuals of Hormuz lying on a stretcher posing for photographs in a CT scan room, where mobiles, cameras or any metal is not allowed!? It seems that the sole purpose behind Viraf Mehta becoming a Trustee is to protect his father! What’s his contribution to the community since he was elected, besides filing cases with the Charity Commissioner against the Board? Why must he go through files in matters where his father is involved? The people of our community elected him to work in the interest of the community, not his father!
Arzan J Ghadially

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