Your Monthly Numero-Tarot Predictions

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January (Lucky Number: 1) :
A magical week awaits you with happiness, success and peace. There could be a temporary problems of cash liquidity but eventually there’s stability, and you’re intelligent enough to manage the situation.
Lucky Tarot Card: Magician

February (Lucky Number: 5) :
It’s a good time to start afresh. Let go of the mental stress and move on. Take expert advice. You are blessed by the divine.
Lucky Tarot Card:  Hierophant
March (Lucky Number: 17) :
This is a karmic phase – as you sow, so shall you reap! It’s time to get real and stop fooling yourself. Your physical healing has begun. Celebration is on the cards.
Lucky Tarot Card: Star
April (Lucky Number: 19) :
Remember, hard work is the only key to success. Bright sunny days ahead, after a dark night. Take care of your health.
Lucky Tarot Card: Sun
May (Lucky Number: 11) :
You will be in good health. There is a balance in all areas of life. Emotional support is available. Fight for your rights.
Lucky Tarot Card: Justice
June (Lucky Number: 10) :
Nothing but change is permanent so go with the flow. Stop worrying as you are blessed by the divine mother. Bathe with rock salt.
Lucky Tarot Card: Wheel of fortune
July (Lucky Number: 4) :
Travel is indicated. Stop feeling neglected. Shoulder your responsibilities. Health will be fine.
Lucky Tarot Card: Emperor
August (Lucky Number: 2) :
This is a small phase of stress and insecurity. Listen to your inner voice. Time to come out of isolation and start to socialize. Good time for students born in August.
Lucky Tarot Card: High priestess
September (Lucky Number: 8) :
Confidence is the key to success. Financially this is the best week ahead. Proper sleep is a must for your health. Take care of back pain. Avoid unnecessary stress and arguments.
Lucky Tarot Card: Strength
October (Lucky Number: 3) :
Love is in the air with a very romantic week ahead. Swift travel is indicated. A little charity is the best solution for wiping out the negativity in your karmic cycle.
Lucky Tarot Card: Empress
November (Lucky Number: 21) :
Success is on the platter. You will spend good time with your family .Emotional stability is indicated. Follow your intuition and move on.
Lucky Tarot Card:  World
December (Lucky Number: 6) :
You know your destiny, now choose the right path. Don’t take decisions in haste. Best time to start a new partnership. Beware backstabbers. Don’t trust anyone blindly.
Lucky Tarot Card: Lovers

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