Mumbai Police Band Play At Cama Park

Merwanjee Cama Park (Andheri) heralded Jamshedi Navroze in grand style with more than 250 residents and guests over a fun eve. The highlight of the evening was the Mumbai Police Band in attendance. The sight and sounds of the 40-piece brass band, with our law enforcers in full regalia, was a sight to behold – with clarinets, chimes and cymbals accompanying the trombones, trumpets and tambourines. The band, which played Western and Bollywood classics and also Chhaiyye Hame Zarthosti, was conducted by SB Singh, assisted by Naik Dhure, who highlighted that later this year they would be participating in the annual All-India Police Band competition in Jammu, where the Mumbai Police Band are usually amongst the top three contenders. The caterer who provided the appetizing Parsee cuisine was Nariman Dalal.

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