ZDO Holds Annual Scientific Conference

The Zoroastrian Dentists’ Organization (ZDO) celebrated its 65th Anniversary with a spectacular programme at its Annual ZDO Scientific Conference – 2019, on 24th March, 2019, at the Gateway Room of the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai. In his opening speech, Prof. Dr. Porus Turner, Chairman of the ZDO, explained the goals of ZDO to Chief Guest, Dinshaw Tamboly, Chairman, WZO Trust Funds; along with Ex-BPP Chairman Dinshaw Mehta; Jehangir Patel (Editor, Parsiana) and wife Veera. The goals included continually educating the small number of Zoroastrian dentists so that they could return the service to the community and general public and offer free dental service to those who could not afford the same. For the same, Dinshaw Tamboly and Burjor Antia were thanked for their financial support.

Representing ZDO, Dr. Porus Turner, aided by Dinshaw Tamboly and Ex-BPP Chairman, Minoo Shroff, had earlier visited Mangalore’s Dental College and prevailed upon the owner to reserve two dental seats for deserving Zoroastrians. Their successful effort helped numerous Zoroastrians fulfill their dreams of becoming dentists (BDS) and MDS. The newly-instilled ZDO President, Dr. Karen Mulla, lauded the good work done by ZDO and committed to better it in her term.

Speaking on the occasion, Dinshaw Tamboly said, “I have chosen to say a few words on ‘Community survival at a critical juncture; two challenges before the intelligentsia.’ Two main challenges that we face today is demographic decline and a dwindling number of youth willing to take up priesthood as a calling and a profession.” He went on to explain in detail the dual issues that the Community is riddled with and the great help that is provided by initiatives like ‘Jio Parsi’ and ‘Empowering Mobeds’ to correct the same. He emphasized the need for community involvement to solve the issue, especially leaders and visionaries. “Can the intelligentsia of the community forsake participation in community management and leadership and still expect the community to survive, leave aside thrive? When the crème de la crème of any community remain distant from providing leadership and plan community survival with vision, what direction can a community take, except going downhill?” he asked.

The ZDO commended Dr. Ruxshin Bhot and Dr. Jasmin Tavadia for excellent co-ordination of the event, Dr. Sorab Jhaveri for effective services as Treasurer and extended gratitude to sponsors. Presenters for the day included Prof. Dr. Porus Turner, Danesh Vazifdar, Dr. Cyrus Karkaria, Dr. Gulnar Sethna, Dr. Ruxshin Bhot, Dr. Farzana Irani Bharucha, Dr. Rushad Nariman, Dr. Kaiwan Shroff, Dr. Taronish Bharucha, Dr. Jamshed Tavadia, Dr. Ushaina Fanibanda, Dr. Ashish Desai, Dr. Rukshin Irani, Dr. Khushnuma Karkaria, Dr. Arnavaz Havewala and Dr. Niloufer Pajnigara.

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