Letters to the Editor

Let’s Work Together To Resolve PGH Issue

The BD Petit Parsee General Hospital is close to the heart of every Indian Zoroastrian. It has served the community for over a century thanks to the benevolence of the Petits. As of now the hospital needs drastic improvements in health care facilities with better and modern infrastructure.

The Shroff couple of Hong Kong have pledged to donate magnanimously to bring the Hospital at par with other best healthcare centers in Mumbai. Advocate Zaiwalla and a few others have approached the Charity Commission to stop the deal citing anomalies in the agreement. We cannot ignore the safeguarding of the property. Both sides are well-wishers of the community. Both parties want this dear institution to thrive and prosper.

After Zaiwalla’s clarification, we feel that if there are flaws in the agreement as he points out, those should be amended. We are a cultured educated community. We have a wealth of legal experts within our community. Can we not sit together, debate, discuss and chalk out a plan after removing all hurdles and make the agreement viable transparent and safe for the Trust? There should not be any loopholes or hidden agenda to bring hurdles in future.

We are an affluent community. We cannot accept lapses in treatment even if it is free of cost. At present the community is patronizing other hospitals for better treatment. Why do we want free treatment? If all families residing in Parsi colonies subscribe a small sum annually for a group insurance scheme, there will not be much burden on the Trust.

We want this institution to be at par with the best healthcare centers in the city. We love the ambiance and environment at PG Hospital. But when there are no facilities available for investigations, and patients are to be taken elsewhere, it is risky and cumbersome. We cannot afford to miss this golden opportunity offered by the Shroffs.

Both parties should sit together, and work in unison for a better future of the community. May God give us wisdom to tide over this contentious issue. Instead of slinging mud at each other and causing bitterness, let us try and understand the situation in a friendly way and come out with an honorable settlement.

Piroja Jokhi

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