International Jazz Fest 2019 By NCPA (Day 2)

Jazz enthusiasts have great reason to rejoice as the NCPA rings in its much in demand International Jazz Festival 2019 from the 11th to 13th of October this year. Having shared the itinerary for Day 1 earlier, Day 2 of the International Jazz Fest, dated 12th October, will comprise, for the first act (at 6:30 pm) Mandy Gaines Quartet – ‘Skyline Jazz’ with acclaimed vocalist, Mandy Gaines who has for a quarter century now performed alongside some of Jazz’s greats including Wynton Marsalis, Dany Doriz, Randy Brecker, Scott Hamilton, Red Holt, Rhoda Scott, Deborah Brown, Leroy Jones, Wes Anderson and Victor Gaskins. A member of the Cincinnati Jazz Hall of Fame, Mandy is known for her unique interpretations of The Great American Songbook.

The second act (at 8:00pm) is The Round Midnight Orchestra ringing some of the finest Dutch Jazz musicians including the Beets brothers Marius, Peter and Alexander Beets (founding father of the Round Midnight Orchestra and ‘The Beets Brothers’; played albums with legends Jeff Hamilton, Curtis Fuller, Houston Person, Ronnie Cuber and Paulette Mc Williams. The Round Midnight Orchestra is one of Europe’s hottest bands of the times and will make you experience the exciting nightlife in the renowned clubs around Broadway, New York, during the golden era of Jazz. It features world renowned Jazz vocalist, Deborah Carter, one of the most dynamic Jazz vocalists.

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