The Money Manthra

Daisy P. Navdar is a teacher by profession and a firm believer in the efficacy of our Manthravani. She is focused on ensuring that the deep significance of our prayers is realized by our youth. She credits her learnings and insights, shared in her articles, to all Zoroastrian priests and scholars whose efforts have contributed towards providing light and wisdom for all Zarthostis.


Money makes the world go round. Today, by far, the greatest challenge we face is to earn more than our needs determine. Most salaried folks look forward to that wonderful ping on the phone that tells them that their salary has been credited to their account. The upward trajectory of the cost of living almost never matches the salary increments. Businesses are constantly in search of new customers who are willing to buy their product. With demonetization doing its number on the common man, most of us face a severe financial crunch… indeed the world is reeling under a financial depression.

Jobs are not easily available; we just have to take what is offered to us. The scenario is frightening. Of course, we must constantly search for more avenues through which we can make some extra money. We must use our finances judiciously and plan our expenses.

Here, I would like to share some sage advice from the Guru of money making, Warren Buffet, “The best way to double your money is to fold it once over and put it back in your pocket.”

Such has become our need for more that we are constantly pulled into the web of false promises and fake sales. We have almost ceased to exist as humans – we are all just consumers. We consume electronics, the latest trends, shoes, bags, clothes and what nots. We have no space and yet want to cram our wardrobes and houses full of stuff.

Consumers and clutterbugs – that is the new shade in our personalities!

As always, here also, we have a manthra that can help us. These short, one-line prayers are not a substitute for our daily prayers. These are to be recited in conjunction with our Kusti and Sarosh Baaj to derive maximum benefit.  Please do note that there is no substitute for hard work and dedication in getting financial success, but when you put in your best efforts and need that extra divine intervention, then this is the manthra to assist you during phases of financial challenges. Do your best and let Ahura Mazda do the rest.

 “Ya Vanghahu Dau, Vanghuhim Parendim Yazamaide!”

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