WZO Trusts Shares COVID-19 Relief & Rehabilitation Update (30 September, 2020)

The following are the details of the Covid-19 related welfare work undertaken by Team WZO Trusts in September, 2020.

Every day, WZO Trusts receives numerous requests from individuals who have been financially impacted due to the Pandemic – either medically, or by way of loss of income due to loss of jobs, pay cuts in salaries; Small businesses floundering due to adverse economic conditions; Mobeds losing income due to closure of places of worship; Activities in rural areas being severely impacted due to poultry and dairy farms, Brick kilns being not operational and farmers facing issues of lack of labour and inability to transport their produce to market centres.

The recovery period is still very distant but WZO Trusts, given the support of donors from all over the world, shall continue with its mission to provide support to the extent possible.

About By Dinshaw K. Tamboly, Chairman

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