From the Editor’s Desk

From The Editor's Desk

Stay Connected, Stay Happy!


Dear Readers,

We live in a world that’s constantly overflowing with an overload of information from all areas – advertisements, social media, as also from personal and professional fronts. The information we receive from social media platforms has reached another level, especially during the pandemic when only the latest information brings some relief to our minds, which have been high-strung and stressed, dealing with all the changes our lives have had to accommodate.

It is imperative for our mental and overall health that we take a step back to clear our minds every once in a while. Weekends is a good time to destress, relax and rejuvenate. As per the latest findings, psychologists studying the impact of the high levels of subliminal stress brought on by the epidemic, say that an increasing number of people, the world over, are unknowingly undergoing an inner decay of sorts – which compromises our sense of compassion and connect with each other. This distress then spreads, much like the virus itself, and subsequently causes depressive moods, emotional apathy, while nurturing a sense of futility, which gnaws at your confidence. This further alienates you from one of the most integral aspects of humanity – the human connect – causing much emotional chaos within you, which does not necessarily get detected consciously.

If you, or your loved ones, have been feeling this way, it’s time to work on reconnecting with the people you love and who love and care for you! Bonding with family is different from just being present with family – connect with them in the real sense. Put your phones to good use and call up those close to your heart! You will find no greater peace! In the words of our own Nobel Peace Prize winner, Mother Teresa, “If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”

Have a good, connected weekend!

– Anahita

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