Numero Tarot By Dr. Jasvi

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Parsi Times brings you Dr. Jasvi’s column on her unique Numero-Tarot monthly readings, based on your month of birth:

January (Lucky No. 3; Lucky Card: Empress): You are advised to follow your intuition. The month ahead will be good for your health. Travel is on the cards. A change in your residence or office in this month is indicated. 

February (Lucky No. 4; Lucky Card: Emperor): Though you are aware of where your destiny lies, you are still in search of the path. You need to slow down. Learn to be practical first and then move ahead. Ultimately, only you are responsible for your success – always remember. 

March (Lucky No. 19; Lucky Card: Sun): You will taste much success and victory across all kinds of endeavours that you take up in this month. Do not get confused. You are graced with the Divine Mother’s blessings through this whole month.

April (Lucky No. 17; Lucky Card: Star): Keep in mind that everything that glitters is not gold. Be careful while taking decisions. An automatic balance will be restored in all situations. Your financial situation would be its peak this month.

May (Lucky No. 2; Lucky Card: High Priestess): You need to stop being seclusive and come out of your isolation. Enjoy life but take don’t forget to take care of your health. Share your problems with an experienced person and you will have clarity of the mind.

June (Lucky No. 11; Lucky Card: Justice): Life is beautiful. Just take the world in your stride. Be happy with what you have instead of complaining about things that you don’t have. Overall, this is a happy month for people born in June.

July (Lucky No. 5; Lucky Card: Hierophant): Pray to the Almighty and He will show you the path to your destination. You will have to deal with a great paradox, though emotions tell you the truth, you know that emotions cannot be trusted! You are advised to stabilize your emotions by wearing Pearl or Silver.

August (Lucky No. 8; Lucky Card: Strength): Remember – health is the ultimate wealth. Good and sound sleep is the key to your good health. Avoid pondering over unnecessary thoughts at night. Clear out your confusions and move on.

September (Lucky No. 6; Lucky Card: Lovers): It’s time for you to clear your thoughts and get rid of the confusion. Short travel is indicated this month. Love is in the air. Emotionally, you will feel secure and content.

October (Lucky No. 1; Lucky Card: Magician): Learn to balance the situation and remember, all days are not the same. An end is necessary for a fresh new beginning. Don’t overstretch yourself.

November (Lucky No. 21; Lucky Card: World): You need to clear the cobwebs from your mind. Have confidence in yourself to be yourself – an elegant, smart and Intelligent individual. Learn to shoulder your responsibility instead of running away.

December (Lucky No. 10; Lucky Card: Wheel Of Fortune): Change is the only permanent thing in life – you have to learn to accept the change, if you can’t embrace it. You need to move on and ahead in life. Forget the little heart burns. Financially, this very good month for females born in December.

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