Parsi Philanthropy In Karachi

Adil J. Govadia According to archaeological excavations, the Persian Empire that extended from Central Asia to the present-day Afghanistan / Pakistan region, may have developed significantly in the 6th century BC, during Persia’s Achaemenid Dynasty. A prehistoric Parthian Zoroastrian fire-temple called Jandial, in Taxila (Takshashila) is reminiscent of the Persian Zoroastrian footprint dating back to 1st century […]

The Antiquity Of Goti Adarian

Second Only To Iranshah And Navsari’s Vadi Dar-e-Mihr   Courtesy: Er. Adil J. Govadia   Indeed, the history of Surat’s Goti Adarian remains a mystery. There is no record available as to its exact date of consecration or names of priests who consecrated the Adarian Saheb. Very limited details are available regarding its antiquity which […]