Walk Away!

Sometimes you just need to walk away. Walk away from those selfish, self-engrossed individuals whose toxicity drains your aura. Walk away from people who do not consider your needs, wants or well-being. Walk away from individuals whose beliefs and opinions do not align with yours. Walk away not to teach them a lesson, but because […]

Brain Power

Every second that we are kicking and alive, is associated with our brain health. Ironically, we tend to focus a lot more on our physical wellbeing and health, often neglecting simple habits that can enhance neurological and cerebral health. The brain is an organ which survives on stimulation and activity. While there are books and […]

Armenia – Where Tradition Merges With Modernization

Part of the former Soviet republic, located in the Caucasus region between Asia and Europe, Armenia is known for its landscapes, cuisine, culture and history. The first country to adopt Christianity, it’s defined by some of the oldest religious sites including the Greco-Roman Temple of Garni and 4th century Holy Echmiadzin Cathedral, headquarters of the […]

Gorgeous Georgia!

A 10-day international adventure through Georgia wasn’t vaguely on my wish list, but I couldn’t refuse a no-hassle, all-planned, organized itinerary – the highlight being the company of friends, sharing and chalking down memories together. Georgia and Armenia offer a piece of the Caucasus along with a taste of old-worldly East European charm. Bridging East […]