Dealing with Depression

 Just 34 years of age, Television and Bollywood actor – Sushant Singh Rajput was already an acclaimed presence on the big screen. His was the typical story of fame, glitz, glamour, rising from obscurity to stardom with all the makings of a typical filmy blockbuster. He had looks, recognition, charm and several memorable performances under […]

Fathered In Tenderness

It’s ridiculous to always assume that a woman’s maternal instinct kicks in the minute that long harrowing labour is complete. Believe me, there is nothing easy or remotely beautiful about the process of giving birth. I dare you to ask a woman moments after that gruelling experience, chances are you’ll be sporting a black eye […]

When The Dust Settles!

And suddenly, just like that, our world has changed! Admittedly, we were all caught unawares. Nothing seemingly relevant or significant other than the Meghan-Harry debacle with the Royal family, some other  news headlines skimping our attention as they generally do… and then the month of February, some reports of a cluster of pneumonia cases in […]