Khojeste Mistree Enlightens Youth On Religion At ZTFE

One of our community’s most respected religious scholars, revered as the encyclopaedia on Zoroastrian religion and culture, Khojeste Mistree, recently held a four hour session with teenagers and adults in London, on ZTFE’s (Zoroastrian Trust Funds of Europe) repeat invitation, at the request of parents, keen on enlightening their children about our faith. He shared […]

The Legacy Of Zarathushtra

Having just celebrated the auspicious occasion of Khordad Saal, a day when we celebrate the birth of our divine prophet, Zarathushtra, I share with you this excerpt, from the research and thesis of my daughter, Rudabeh P. Navdar. Zoroaster, Guru Nanak, Mohammed, Mahavir, Jesus Christ, Krishna, Confucious, Buddha, Baha ullah, Abraham – great men, pathfinders, […]

The 101 Names Of Ahura Mazda And Their Meanings

Yazad: Worthy of worship Harvesp-tavan: Omnipotent Harvesp-agah: Omniscient Harvesp-khuda: The Lord of the universe Abadah: Having no beginning Abi-anjam: Having no end Buneshteh: The source of all creation Frakhtan-teh: The noble End of everything Chamag: The Lord of reasoning Parjatarah: The Exalted Tum-afik: The most innocent Abarvand: The Unique Parvanda: Within everybody An-aiyafah: Perfection itself […]