Navjot And Felicitation At Mahuva Parsi Anjuman

On 8th May, 2016, the Navjot ceremony was performed for Parizad, daughter of Meherzad Jivasa, caretaker of Mahuva Parsi Anjuman Agiary, in the presence of 150 Hamdins ofthe Anjuman and Trustees of neighboring Anjumans. Er. Homi Desai and Er. Keki Dastur of Malesar Anjuman, Navsari came to Mahuvato perform the Navjote. The ceremony was funded by the Hamdins, well-wishers and neighboring Anjumans. After Navjote, everyone gathered in the Manekwadi Hall for the Hambandgi where President Bajina praised the services rendered by caretaker Rustamji D. Kodia for over 25 years and awarded him a cheque for Rs. 51,000/-. Chief Guest, Merzban Baria of Bilimora Parsi Anjuman, praised these two activities of Mahuva Anjuman and on behalf of Bilimora Parsi Anjuman Trustee Dhunjisha Avari, presented a cheque and a letter of appreciation to Rustamji Kodia. The programme concluded with ‘Chhaiye Hame Zarthosti’ and Rashtrageet. Lunch was served by Soonu Kasad of Navsari.

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