Film Review – Rough Book

The title may sound vague, if not misleading. It alludes to the conformist book-learning system of education in India as opposed to the knowledge gleaned in the developed countries by imparting practical learning.

Santoshi Kumari (Tannishtha Chatterjee), whose motto is ‘one should celebrate failure too’, is happily marriRating rough booked to an income-tax official i.e. till he is discovered to have stashed unaccounted money at home. After filing for divorce, she lands up with a teaching job (physics) in a college and is assigned the division with the least scholarly students. One of her undergrads Suhail (Armaan Khan in his debut) has already googled her domestic past.

The protagonist’s method of imparting ‘education’ goes beyond the confines of the classroom, an approach which does not go down well with Principal Sahani (Kaizaad Kotwal) and a couple of other members of the faculty. One of the most engaging scenes in the film is where Santoshi gets the better of a colleague in a banter regarding the merits and demerits of coaching classes.

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