Are You A Mama’s Boy? Take The Quiz!

Isn’t it interesting how some phrases have bang opposite sentiments attached, depending on who’s saying them? You’ll know exactly what we’re speaking about if you’re a man. Notice the ecstatic delight gushing out of your mum’s eyes when she says about you, “Oh! He’s a mama’s boy!” and then compare it to the absolute anger/disgust/envy when your partner says the exact same words! And though we suspect the following quiz will probably be taken by numerous irate women-partners, take the quiz anyways and figure out if you are, indeed, a Mama’s Boy!

Strike out the honest answer based on a Yes (Y) or a No (N):
1. Are you closer to your mum than your dad (or other family members)?Y/N
2. When out of the house or otherwise, do you call up your mum multiple times a day?Y/N
3. Do you usually have problematic/short-lasting relationships at work or with friends? Y/N
4. Is it compulsive for you to carry out every request made by your mum?Y/N
5. Do you often feel like a failure?Y/N
6. Even as an adult, do you seek your mum’s approval on most things?Y/N
7. Do you experience frequent outbursts of anger or rage?Y/N
8. If your mum calls while you’re busy in an office-meeting or on a date, do you take the call?Y/N
9. Are you unable to say ‘No’ to your mum?Y/N
10. Do you like being pampered/’mothered’ by your partner?Y/N
11. Do you find it difficult to stand up to/disagree with your mum?Y/N
12. Is your mother’s approval crucial in choosing your life partner?Y/N
13. When you eat out, do you inadvertently end up expressing (or feeling) that your mum’s food is way better?Y/N
14. Do you bully people or engage in daredevil acts, taking unnecessary risks?Y/N
15. Does your wife/partner feel free to correct you in public in ways that are embarrassing?Y/N
16. Are you more of an ‘Indoors’ person than ‘Outdoors’?Y/N
17. Do you follow the list of criteria that your mum sets for a potential partner?Y/N
18. Does your mother come to you, rather than go to her husband or friends for encouragement, comfort or support?Y/N
19. When you argue with your mum, does it depress you more than anger you?Y/N
20. Do you feel the need to speak with your mum before making any decisions? Y/N
21. Do you constantly wish your current/future partner was more like your mum?Y/N
22. Do you share your love-life with your mum?Y/N
23. Does your wife or romantic partner usually second-guess your decisions and choices?Y/N
24. When things don’t work out, do you whine about it to your mum?Y/N
25. Are you alright being monitored by your mum about your finances, phone conversations, purchases, etc.Y/N
26. Do you consciously put your mom before your significant other?Y/N

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