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January (1 to 31)
Spend some quality time with your family. Financially a good week ahead. Socialise even though you don’t feel like it as, sometimes you have to force yourself to come out of stress.
Lucky Colour – Yellow, Lucky Crystal – Topaz

February (1 to 29)
This is a temporary karmic phase – as you sow, so shall you reap. Good time for renovation of property. Happiness and success is on the cards.
Lucky Colour – Green, Lucky Crystal – Emerald

March (1 to 31)
Follow your intuition. You have got an amazing capacity to face any situation. Be Confident. Wear pearl to clear your confusion.
Lucky Colour – White, Lucky Crystal – Pearl

April (1 to 30)
Sound sleep is the key to good health. Avoid unnecessary thoughts at night. Don’t feel neglected.
Lucky Colour – Maroon, Lucky Crystal – Ruby

May (1 to 31)
You know your destiny but are in search of the right path. You are responsible for your own success.
Lucky Colour – Orange, Lucky Crystal – Carnelian Trimuline

June (1 to 30)
Your confidence is your strength. Legal matters will get sorted. The troublesome time is getting over. You have mastered the art of balancing situations.
Lucky Colour – Blue, Lucky Crystal – Blue Sapphire

July (1 to 31)
Travel is indicated. Finance will be stable. Be confident about who you are. Move on with pride.
Lucky Colour – Cream, Lucky Crystal – Peridot

August (1 to 31)
Best time for new beginnings but be careful. Don’t ignore someone’s warning. A lesson to be learnt from past experiences.
Lucky Colour – White Lucky Crystal – Clear Quartz

September (1 to 30)
You are intelligent. A temporary phase of fights and instability but, go with the flow. Be careful in investments.
Lucky Colour – Orange, Lucky Crystal – Yellow Sapphire

October (1 to 31)
You are intelligent and strong. Don’t make any decisions in haste. Sometimes you need to fight for your rights.
Lucky Colour – Brown, Lucky Crystal – Garnet

November (1 to 30)
You might change your place of residence or office. This might be a temporary financial crunch. Be careful in making new investments. You will be miraculously blessed by religious priests.
Lucky Colour – Red, Lucky Crystal – Ruby

December (1 to 31)
Your health will be fine. With maternal blessings, your finances will be good. Come out of isolation and accept new challenges. Be happy. Don’t stop taking risk based on your past experience.
Lucky Colour – Purple, Lucky Crystal – Gomed.

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