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Anahita_Editorial copyDear Readers,

This week has seen not just our community, but the entire nation and the media (of course) go abuzz with the shocking news about Cyrus Mistry’s ouster by the Tatas. Ever since the news broke out, confusions and speculations are rife within our community, increasingly on digital platforms, as each new day unveiled further details. I’m guessing the oncoming days will share more information that should bring in greater clarity. But for now, there’s two parts to this issue – the first being how our community has reacted to this news. We seem torn – while some of us rejoice at Ratan Tata’s return, even if only for an interim/temporary period, the rest of us believe Cyrus Mistry’s Chairmanship warranted at least a more dignified departure, if not greater tenure consideration for his leadership, which was abruptly terminated. After all, both men have proven to be great industrial and business visionaries.

The other part of our community’s conundrum lies is the obvious question – Will the next Chairman be a Bawa? …as has been the case right from the start with Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata, the first Chairman and Founder in 1868. Will the tradition of a Parsi leading, what is today one of the largest global conglomerates, continue after the end of Ratan Tata’s interim Chairmanship? Though speculations auger a possibility that could end this tradition, in the words of a wise leader of our community, “In either case, we all hope the situation is resolved gracefully and without acrimony; and may the next Chairman lead this massive conglomerate – that is the pride of Parsis in India and the world over – to even greater success.”

On a ‘lighter’ note, the Festival of Lights is back, presenting yet another occasion to extend our goodness to those around – let’s opt for bursting more into smiles than crackers. I don’t mean be a wet blanket, but let’s not pretend to be oblivious anymore to the augmented sound and environmental pollution, that unfortunately accompanies this festival… not to forget the horrifying effect it has on the seniors and the stray animals, or the sky-‘rocket’ing price of fire crackers which can recreate the Mariana Trench in your pockets! Here’s wishing our readers a Happy, Safe and Non-Intrusive Diwali!

Next week, look out for our ‘Lagan Special Issue’ as we enter November 2016 (yes! It’s already the year end!), marking the official start of the festive season! We are thrilled and thankful to our readers for the considerable response to our issue! Here’s promising you a fun-filled issue with exciting articles, a fun-quiz, recipes, competitions and our special feature-offer, ‘Lagan-Ma-Magan’ with Dr. Mickey Mehta (teaser on Pg. 7), for all those tying the knot this year or anytime soon!

Here’s to all the celebration and festivities with all the lagans, navjotes, bachelor and hen parties, and other dos galore! It’s also ok to succumb to the shopping temptations with all the ongoing bumper sales at every nook and corner! Go on… have fun… and let there be no reason or excuse to miss any of it!
Have a fun weekend!


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