Letters To The Editor

When Karma Boomerangs

Dear Editor,

Democracy has become ‘democrazy’! The volcano has erupted without notice. The present upsurge is the outcome of the caption. We are pondering over the lesson this episode has offered. However, we may compromise and again become complacent as our basic values have degenerated. We seem to have changed the course of the wind, but fail to realise the deception, because our faculty is conditioned to human limitations.

We are slaves of our own creation. We have reached the crossroads where “paiso insaniyat ne kotari khay chhe.” Manmade laws are corruptible. We still rely on kicks to set our dislocation. Nature has its own ways to compel us without evidence. We fail to realise that unless the wealth is acquired through modest means, it spells curse. We fail to maintain the balance between ‘desires and deserve’.

Hypocrisy and ethics cannot survive hand in gloves. Affidavits and oaths cannot save us from repercussions. We go by the hard mentality and indulge in amassing wealth in the name of progress. Instead of assisting the poor to earn his livelihood with dignity, we make him feel indebted by displaying our generosity. We who call ourselves enlightened, got dis-enlightened at a stroke of a pen! Defunct conscience cannot self-introspect.

We have lost connectivity with HIM. It is now time for us to log into HIS technology. Do I need to remind you HIS password?

Maneck Panthaky

Are There Victors In Wars?

Dear Editor,

In the not so distant past, we Parsis as a community were looked upon as a shining example of unity and integrity by our sister communities and were held in high esteem. The past few years have witnessed a down slide: We seem to be in the limelight for all the wrong reasons.

The BPP is not referred to as the Apex body for nothing; the down slide started there with the infighting and bickering which spilled out literally onto the streets! The community became a laughing stock. And then came the bombshell from the immensely respected business house of the TATAS. Whereas the BPP blast was like a local earthquake mainly affecting the community beneficiaries, the Ratan Tata/Cyrus Mistry episode was a devastating tsunami that has affected not just us but the entire nation and the business world. It has shaken the confidence of most investors in a business house which had over the years built up a magnificent image of itself.

What are the real reasons for the rumblings in Bombay House, perhaps time will tell, but the effect of the same may be a long lasting one. Could this whole episode involving fine gentlemen not been handled with a bit more finesse? Ultimately and unfortunately the two towering personalities involved also will unwittingly see their images dented. Makes me wonder if there has ever been a victor in any war!

Phiroze Amroliwalla

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