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Getting to the root of illnesses, Dr. Mukesh Batra presents PT readers an exclusive Two-part series that provides answers to the most frequently asked questions related to Homeopathy

Q.:  I’m suffering from sciatica with numbness in the legs since the two years. Can homeopathy help?
Dr. Batra:  Sciatica is usually a symptom of a prolapsed inter-vertebral disc. Follow certain simple preventive measures: ensure a good sitting posture, especially at work; use a chair with the right height and support for the work you are doing, and with a proper backrest – this reduces the pressure on your lower back; rest your feet flat on the floor, or use a foot support to prevent the weight of your lower legs being placed on the front of the thighs; while exercising, pay special attention to the muscles in your abdomen and lower back. Please consult a homeopathic doctor if symptoms persist.

Q.:  My wife has ovarian cyst. Can it be ‘dissolved’ by homeopathic remedies?
Dr. Batra:  Clinical studies have shown that homeopathy not only helps ‘dissolve’ ovarian cyst, but also reduces the tendency for recurrence of the cyst. Your wife would need to take a constitutional homeopathic remedy, based on a detailed case history. The cyst should be regularly monitored by a professional homeopath through ultrasonography [USG].

Q.: I am 25 years old, and I’m losing hair rapidly. What treatment can I take to stop my hair loss?
Dr. Batra:  Hair loss is a common phenomenon amongst the youth. Since you are losing hair rapidly, the first goal of treatment will be to arrest excessive hair loss. After conducting a video-microscopic hair test and identifying the underlying cause of your hair loss, homeopathic doctors will then suggest the right treatment options for you. Mainly, the treatment would comprise treating the underlying causes along with a hair-vitalising treatment to control excessive hair fall.

Q.:  I’m suffering from insomnia (sleeplessness) for over 15 years. Please help.
Dr. Batra:  Most adults experience insomnia, or sleeplessness, at one time or the other in their lives. Keep a regular sleep and awakening schedule. Do not drink caffeinated beverages like tea, coffee, or soft drinks, later than afternoon. Avoid drinking alcohol prior to going to bed. Do not smoke, especially in the evening. Do not go to bed hungry. Consult your local homeopath, if symptoms persist.

Q.:  My 13-year-old son gets red elevated patches on his body with intense itching. It settles with anti-allergic tablets, but comes again. Can homeopathy help?
Dr. Batra:  It appears that your son may be suffering from urticaria. Recurrent attacks of urticaria can occur by exposure to environmental agents, such as sunlight, cold, pressure and sweat. In children, allergy to specific foods, such as nuts, eggs, fish, milk and chocolates can also trigger urticaria. Homeopathy helps to build one’s immunity against the allergen, in question, and, therefore, provides a long-lasting solution without any side-effects.

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