Homeopathy & You – FAQs

Q.: I’ve been stammering since childhood, but I stammer only when tense. Else I speak normally. My stammering is destroying my life. Please help. Dr. Batra: Stammering is a speech disorder; it affects fluency of speech with hesitation, repetition of words and involuntary pauses. It is considered to be psychosomatic [where the mind affects the […]

Homeopathy & You – FAQs

Q.: My 24-year-old daughter was happy go-lucky but now keeps to herself, is alone and silent – moreso with her irregular periods. She’s been treated earlier for hyperacidity, but it keeps returning no sooner than it gets relieved. She’s also unhappy at her workplace. Please advice. Dr. Batra: Your daughter is showing symptoms of depression, […]

Homeopathy For Skin

Your skin is the mirror of your inner health. Different types of skin problems depict various underlying ailments which, if not treated on time could lead to serious health problems. For example, itchy and non-healing skin may indicate diabetes; dry itchy skin might indicate thyroid problems and sweaty skin may be a sign of fungal […]

Managing Diabetes

We love food! Non-vegetarian food dominates Parsi/Irani households, and our normal diet of bakery products and sweets invites several health ailments. Therefore, there’s a high prevalence of obesity and related disorders like diabetes in the community. However, wrong eating habits might not be the only cause of this disorder. Other major causes include: Family History – The […]

Heal Acne With Homeopathy

Acne, also known as pimples, occurs when oil and dead skin cells accumulate on hair follicles. They mostly appear on the face, neck, chest, back and shoulders. Various forms of pimples exist based on the severity of the condition. Acne affects virtually everyone at some point in their lives. It’s most frequent amongst teenagers, affecting […]