Learning From Our Pooches

There are lots of things dogs teach us, without any real effort on their part. If we take the time to observe them and how they interact with the world around them, we can learn from them. Parsi Times Columnist and Canine Behaviour Specialist, Shirin Merchant talks about the three main lessons our pooches teach us on the positives that we can learn from our four-legged friends.


Love Unconditionally And Without Judgement

John Grogan in his book- Marley and Me, said, “A dog doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, educated or illiterate, clever or dull. Give him your heart and he will give you his.” And that is so true. Have you noticed how most dogs reach out to make friends with anyone and everyone? They don’t care if you’re a good person, or if you are in a low spot in your life. They love the best, and the worst of us.

My dog Maya, loves to say hello to everyone she meets; she does not care if that person is a beggar or is wealthy. Whether you are ill, have a learning disability or even if your face is disfigured, Maya will still take her grubby little ball and push it into your hands asking you to play with her.

In a world where we judge people and make friends based on social status, religion or appearances, we need to learn from our dogs on how to go beyond looks and make friends with anyone and everyone. In fact, dogs have been known to make friends even with other species just as readily as they make friends with humans and other dogs. Which is why it is disturbing when people tell me that their dogs don’t like people who are poorly dressed or who are dark in colour. No dog or child is ever born racist, sexist or biased. They learn to judge and discriminate from people around them. In a world that is becoming increasingly intolerant, I often think what our world would look like if we could love like that?

Be Loyal

We often hear about people who have put their parents into old age homes or families that fight over inheritance or communities that break up because of materialistic issues. Often, in pursuit of pride, status or money, we forget how to care for the people we love, belong to and stand by them in times of need.

Dogs are pack animals, and they have a strong bond with their fellow canines. In fact, pack mates will stick together and defend each other in times of need. We should take a page out of a dog’s book and learn to be loyal and devoted to the important people in our lives.

Don’t Hold A Grudge

Have you ever noticed how sometimes we shout or scold our dogs and then leave home, only to find them wagging their tails and overjoyed to meet us when we return? Try fighting with someone in your family before leaving home, would they greet you the same way or would you expect a sulky person on your return? When you study animal packs, you realise that even though dogs have conflicts with others in the pack, the issue is resolved immediately and then the dogs move on and become friends again within minutes. They don’t hold a grudge or worry about what happened yesterday.

Forgiveness gives us back our power, as we regain a sense of wholeness, peace, and the ability to move on with our lives.

So let’s try and imbibe these three lovely traits from our four-legged angels. Jamshedi Navroz Mubarak to all!


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Shirin Merchant looks forward to answering all relevant queries from our readers. Please write in to: k9cancare@hotmail.com or mailparsitimes@gmail.com

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