From The Editor’s Desk

From The Editor's Desk

Jamshedi Navroz Mubarak!

Dear Readers,

It is my privilege and pleasure to present you our Jamshedi Navroz Special issue, the central theme of which celebrates the integral Parsi spirit of enterprise… ‘Enterprise’ – one of the keystones that defines how our Community and our people are perceived, nay respected and loved, across this lovely nation, and the world at large. The word ‘enterprising’ always makes it to the list of the top three words used to describe us. And with good reason – a lot of which is increasingly being relegated to the rear-view mirror… an attribute which will become ‘a thing of the past’ unless we take it upon ourselves, as individuals and as a community, to resurrect the glory and the legacy of our ancestors – many of who our nation proudly reveres as ‘Fathers of Enterprise’. We need to move beyond celebrating the past glory of our enterprise, and start justifying it.

What does the term ‘enterprise’ bring to your mind? Industry? Business? Organisations? Actually, these are the consequences of enterprise. Enterprise is an essence – that is why we have the terms, ‘Spirit of Enterprise’ or ‘Enterprising Spirit’. Enterprise is a mind-set comprising certain habits, values and a staunch belief in the moral formula of meritocracy, which propagates reward for hard work. Rewards and privileges should be awarded to people on the basis of merit and enterprise… Community institutions should nurture responsibility, accountability and fairness. The ethos of enterprise is not an immutable genetic property which can be taken for granted. It’s a priceless social construct, which our Community is lauded for, but which is also being undermined and is in danger of drowning out in the toxic sea of entitlement.

This Community has birthed numerous legends who have wowed the world with our unique amalgam of conscientiousness, visionary business acumen and humaneness. Wherever Parsis have settled worldwide, we have been a boon to those nations. The spirit of enterprise lives within us – but we need to resurrect it from its current state of latency, so we can rise in enterprise and shine again.

Promoting and supporting enterprise within our Community has been a staunch commitment at Parsi Times. In the past, we have generously shared our far-reaching platform towards the successful culmination of numerous causes, especially those focused on enterprise. Parsi Times is honoured to yet again serve this platform to support the joint venture – between the World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce – India (WZCCI) and WZO Trust Funds (WZOTF) – which promotes Parsi/Irani Zoroastrian entrepreneurs, professionals and start-ups by funding selected projects in India with interest-free loans (Details: Pg.44). Watch this space for regular updates in our oncoming issues.

I hope you will enjoy reading our Jamshedi Navroz Special issue. Do send in your feedback – we always look forward to hearing from you!

I thank our lovely readers, subscribers, advertisers, writers and all our well-wishers for your support and participation, and for being an important part of the Parsi Times’ journey into making us the Community’s favourite publication.

Jamshedi Navroz Mubarak to all from Team Parsi Times!



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Hello Anahita,

Wish you and your team a Happy Nowruz. I came across your publication via a coworker from Mumbai (shared an article published here). May I make a suggestion when it comes to Nowruz (or as written in S Asia Navroz) greetings in the future that your publication drop the term “mobarak” and instead consider using “pirooz”? There’s some effort to drop the use of Arabic words from Iranian festival usage.

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