Your Monthly Numero-Tarot

Parsi Times brings you Dr. Jasvi’s monthly column on her unique Numero-Tarot Readings, based on your birth month.



January (Lucky No. 19; Lucky Card: Sun): A magical month ahead, with best of health, wealth and prosperity. You will get a clear understanding of things. Be confident. This is a good time for women who wish to conceive.

February (Lucky No. 01; Lucky Card: Magician): A fair amount of travel is indicated. Try to have practical expectations. You are advised to bathe with rock salt. Health and happiness are on the cards.

March (Lucky No. 5; Lucky Card: Hierophant): Hard work will benefit you. Stop complaining about what you don’t have, instead be grateful for all that you have been blessed with. A good week financially.

April (Lucky No. 4; Lucky Card: High Empress): A conducive time to start a partnership firm. Be careful while making new investments. You might face a problem of cash liquidity. You are advised to indulge in charity as also pursue your dreams.

May (Lucky No. 17; Lucky Card: Star): Your healing has started. Your life will regain its balance even though you may be going through a rough phase. Get over the feeling that you’re being neglected.

June (Lucky No. 10; Lucky Card: Wheel of Fortune): Life is a continuous process.  Remember that nothing but change is permanent in life. Travel is indicated. Health will be good.

July (Lucky No. 8; Lucky Card: Strength): You are advised to consult an expert if you feel like you have hit a dead-end or stuck with nowhere to go. You might have to juggle and balance your finances. Be confident. Consult a doctor if you are suffering from back pain.

August (Lucky No. 3; Lucky Card: Emperor): Pay heed to your instincts. You are confident enough to move on. Be wary of possible small thefts. Health will be fine.

September (Lucky No. 21; Lucky Card: World): You are currently going through a temporary karmic phase, so keep in mind that what is happening around you is the consequence of the karmic law – ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’. Sometimes, you need to fight for your rights. Make sure you get adequate sleep.

October (Lucky No. 6; Lucky Card: Lovers): Learn to take the world in your stride. You will get a chance to travel abroad for further studies. Maintain emotional balance.

November (Lucky No. 11; Lucky Card: Justice): With Justice on the card, the month promises to be full of happiness and victory. The deity blesses you. You will have financial stability.

December (Lucky No. 2; Lucky Card: Priestess): Start afresh. Be open to people’s suggestions. A good week financially. Do what your heart tells you.

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