Don’t Miss Out On The Golden Fruit Of The Season: The Delicious Mango

Mangoes taste so good that people forget they are also healthy, in keeping with the fact that if it tastes good, it’s probably not good for you! But mangoes also go a long way not just in pleasing your taste buds, but due to its numerous health benefits, as under:

  • Since mangoes are the best sources of Vitamin ’A’, it is helpful to patients having weak eyesight and poor vision esp. at night. Vitamins ‘A’ and ‘C’ are also skin vitamins and can set right many skin disorders.
  • To increase body strength and vitality, a glass of mango milk shake builds natural immunity in the body and serves as a refreshing drink on a hot summer day.
  • Mango pulp soaked in almond powder and honey increases libido and motility of sperms.
  • Inspite of its high nutritive and medicinal value, diabetics should abstain from eating this fruit as it is high in natural sugars. However an occasional bite to satiate your mango craving won’t cause harm.
  • ‘Chromotherapy’, the Scie-nce of healing with the use of colours recommends that the colour orange (as in mangoes, papayas, oranges and carrots) is a joyful, warm colour promoting well-being and cheerfulness, while stimulating the blood and nerves. All the more reason to celebrate the mango season with mango milk shakes, mango ice-cream, mango cake, mango jelly, mango chunda, mango murrabba, mango chutney, mango halwa, aam papads, aam-ras-puri and our Parsi delicacy – the tangy nose-tingling ‘Bafena’, best enjoyed with Dhan-Dal.
  • A mango-papaya milk shake with a little sugar and a few drops of lemon is excellent to minimize fatigue.
  • Green unripe mangoes boiled in water along with a few mint leaves is a naturopathic treatment against sunstroke. A small green unripe mango when added to Dhansak Dal makes it all the more delectable!
  • Mango seed powder (Available at Ayurvedic shops) is useful in gastro-intestinal disorders. 2 teaspoons mixed in buttermilk is an effective medicine for diarrhea, dysentery and bleeding piles. This white powder is also useful to eradicate worms.

Mango Facts: This delectable Golden Fruit is one of the greatest nourishers and serves as a tonic to the body being rich in natural sugars Vitamins ‘A’, B1 and B2 and Vitamin ‘C’, along with proteins, carbohydrates, calcium, iron, phosphorous and potassium. A medium sized mango contains about 75 calories.

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