Jasvi’s Numero – Tarot Yearly Predictions

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(As Per Your Sun Sign)


Parsi Times brings you Dr. Jasvi’s predictions for the New Year based on Numero-Tarot readings.

Aries (Lucky Number – 02; Lucky Card: High Priestess): You will share a great rapport with your family and friends. Your thoughts will result in positive outcomes. You could receive a promotion at your workplace. People around you will cooperate, so accept the help or assistance that you receive. Your life will flow smoothly. You are advised to create a strong connect with yourself and practice humility. Use of ‘Lapiz Lazooli Crystal’ will enhance your communication skills.

Taurus (Lucky Number – 17; Lucky Card: Star): A positive relationship with your own self, will help foster positive relationship with others. Be confident. The universe is healing you. You will find peace and harmony. Your health will improve gradually. Your healing has started so keep your faith strong in God. Use of clear ‘Crystal’ or ‘Diamond’ is recommended.

Gemini (Lucky Number – 06; Lucky Card: Lovers): Self-love is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Your relationship with your self will determine your relationship with others. Believe in your abilities. The secret to happiness lies within you. Expand your horizons by dreaming big and having faith. You will be rewarded for your hard work. A ‘Malachite Crystal’ will aid in increasing your concentration power and focus.

Cancer (Lucky Number – 03; Lucky Card: Empress): Love will be the main theme in your new year! Handle situations with maturity and sensibility. Trust your instincts. The universe urges you to follow your heart. Ask for help when necessary. Express gratitude.  People around you have started to understand your dreams and will be cooperative and supportive of you. A ‘Pearl’ will stabilise your mind.

Leo (Lucky Number – 01; Lucky Card: Magician): Work in harmony with others. Teamwork will help you achieve success. Be genuine about your intentions and goals. Have a clear idea of what you truly desire. Seek professional services to complete any pending projects. Use of ‘Rose Quartz’ will foster harmony in your relationships.

Virgo (Lucky Number – 10; Lucky Card: Wheel of Fortune): Your efforts will drive your relationships with others. Stay strong and do not give up. Things are going to unfold beautifully for you. All your problems will soon be resolved.  Strive to walk on the right path. Put your best foot forward and work hard. A favourable time to lay the foundation of your growth, so grab any opportunity that comes your way. The use of ‘Pyrite’ for abundance may prove to be fruitful.

Libra (Lucky Number – 21; Lucky Card: World): Your efforts will deliver the desired outcome. Remember, as you sow, so shall you reap. Your past might resurface, either in the form of a person or a memory – the purpose of which is to learn a lesson from the same. Further, move on with your life. ‘Shungite’ will help you protect your aura.

Scorpio (Lucky Number – 05; Lucky Card: Hierophant): Charity begins at home. Work towards healing yourself. Grab opportunities that help you work towards a constructive goal, even if it seems to be for a temporary period. Guide and motivate people around you, as this will reinstate a much-needed sense of purpose in your life. The Universe will be helpful. Using ‘Black Trimuline’ will help clear blockages.

Sagittarius (Lucky Number – 08; Lucky Card: Strength): How you treat yourself will set the tone of your other relationships. Good news is indicated to you on a personal or professional level. Avoid getting disheartened with minor challenges or obstacles. Remember that only change is permanent. Execute your tasks with love, passion and commitment. The use of ‘Amonite’ or ‘Gomti Chakra’ will speed up your projects.

Capricorn (Lucky Number – 11; Lucky Card: Justice): When you learn to love and forgive yourself, you are able to be at peace with everyone around you. The challenges and obstacles you face do not define who you are – so avoid giving in to your inclinations towards self-pity. You are a powerful soul, capable of attaining your true potential. Try to work towards being positive and focused. Follow your heart. ‘Ruby’ will make you a confident person.

Aquarius (Lucky Number – 19; Lucky Card: Sun): Acceptance, bliss and abundance are key to positive relationships. Accept your reality. Do not shy away from hardships, as they will transform you into a better person. Realise your true potential and work harder to achieve your goals. Your actions will result in a favourable outcome. Wear a diamond to help ease the process of growth and transformation.

Pisces (Lucky Number – 04; Lucky Card: Emperor): You are blessed with the rainbow of love, peace and contentment. Enjoy your time with your loved ones. Pay attention to your finances. Release any negative feelings you could be harbouring and learn to love and pamper yourself. Open your heart to abundance and share it with others as well. Using ‘Tiger Eye’ will help you overcome insecurity.

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