Body Buddy

The relationship that we maintain with our body accounts for virtually a 100% of our wellbeing. Inspite of this reality, most of us are oblivious of this very critical relationship. India’s leading health expert and fitness guru, Kaizzad Capadia shares excellent insights into the importance of making your body your best buddy!

The relationship we have with our body is intrinsic. Our body is the vessel or the residence of our soul. Just as keeping your residence filthy, cluttered, uncleaned and overflowing with trash makes it a rabid, rampant site for all kinds of pathogenic infestations ultimately leading to your eviction, so also abusing your body by eating rubbish and keeping it unclean will result in disease, illness and death

We all have a relationship with our body, even the ones who don’t understand its importance. But our stupidity and ignorance causes us to have an abusive relationship with our bodies. Abuse the apartment you reside in and you may just find yourself on the roads without a roof over your head… similarly, abuse the body your soul resides in and you may just find your soul floating above the clouds!



Unfortunately, most of us take our body for granted till it’s too late. Starting and fostering a healthy relationship with our body is crucial to our happiness. Two main determinants of a healthy body is diet and exercise – but exercise is overrated and food intake is underrated. Though the Fitness Boom has taken place and the Fitness Revolution continues to boom, unfortunately, so do Diabetes and Obesity (Diabesity). Everyone is on some diet. Millions go to the gym and millions run the marathon. The Fitness industry grows by 18% per annum and yet we have Diabetes and Obesity rising by 30% over the past 20 years! INDIA HAS NEVER BEEN MORE ACTIVE THAN NOW SINCE INDEPENDENCE AND YET INDIA HAS NEVER BEEN FATTER THAN NOW SINCE INDEPENDENCE!

The answer to stopping the abusive relationship and living in harmony with your bodies, thus, does not lie in burning calories through exercise and eating fewer calories at the dinner table. How would you react if I told you that Our sedentary lifestyle is not the reason for poor health; that Whole Wheat is NOT healthy; that Walking is NOT the best exercise; that Ghee and Butter do NOT make one gain fat; that Fiber does NOT cure constipation; that Fruits are NOT healthy; and that any cereal, including oats, sold in a rectangular box is NOT even healthier than Coke and Pepsi! If the above statements are shocking to you, then that proves your lack of awareness of the truth. Unfortunately, awareness does not equate to being correctly informed. My simple argument is this – If the above statements in red, made by me, are wrong and the perpetrators of conventional wisdom that say my statements are absurd, are correct; then by now, obesity and diabetes should have been almost eradicated or at the very least reduced by half.

Lack of ‘real’ awareness causes people to end up abusing their bodies and not even being aware that they are doing so! There is a need to bust the confusion and the myth surrounding Carbs-Sugars-Fats trilogy. Please understand this – CARBOHYDRATES ARE SUGAR! Misunderstanding Carbohydrates as NOT being sugar is the single most rampant way in which people abuse their bodies. If you think steaming or boiling Carbohydrates instead of frying them in Fats is ‘being healthy’, you couldn’t be further from the truth! You need to know that more than 60% of all sugars in our diet do not taste sweet! Cooking in rancid, unstable under heat, PUFA-dominant oils, such as all Vegetable Seed Oils, instead of, saturated fats such as Ghee and Butter, is the Number One cause of the steep rise in Cancer!


Does a Healthy Mind Reside in a Healthy Body?

I do not agree. Because there is no point in making a division between the body and its controlling organ. The brain is a part of the human body. The brain controls all. In fact, a pathology in the brain could have implications on the entire body! If an unhealthy mind resides in the body, then the chances of the rest of the body becoming pathological are very high. One thing that makes the mind slow, weak and prone to illness is the biggest culprit of them all – SUGAR. In fact, neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are termed as the ‘Diabetes of the Brain,’ by enlightened Neurologists.


Start Building A Positive Relationship with your Body TODAY:

The benefits of cultivating a healthy relationship with our body is the same as the benefits of cultivating a healthy relationship with your spouse. Optimising productivity, ensuring independence, dignity, physical performance, including the most essential to Body and Soul – enhancing sexual performance. Basically, a healthy relationship with your body ensures an enhanced quality of life.

So, how can we improve our relationship with our body? By educating ourselves about what constitutes correct nutrition for the species known as Homo Sapiens. By being logical and opening our eyes to the fact that current conventional wisdom has proven itself WRONG A TRILLION TIMES OVER! The main reason for us not conquering health is that we have become completely deluded about the truths.


5 Dos and 5 Don’t’s To Build A Beneficial Relationship With Your Body:

  • DO workout to improve physical performance
    DON’T workout to lose weight.
  • DO eat Eggs. They are awesome
    DON’T throw the Yolks. It’s the Yolk that makes the Eggs a superfood.
  • DO eat till you are no longer hungry.
    DON’T leave the dinner table hungry and neither force-feed yourself to finish a meal.
  • DO Yoga for mastering meditation
    DON’T do yoga to improve your flexibility
  • DO have ‘Salt to taste’
    DON’T have bland, saltless food.

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