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Different Procedures Offered by DHI:

Bariatric Surgery is the collective term for different types of weight-loss surgeries. At Digestive Health Institute, we perform all types of primary and redo bariatric procedures such as Laparoscopic Banded Gastric Bypass, Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy, Laparoscopic Duodenojejunal Bypass, Laparoscopic Single Anastomosis Duodeno-Ileal Bypass (SADI) and Mini Gastric Bypass.

Who is an ideal candidate for bariatric surgery?

According to a paper published by the Asian Consensus Meeting on Metabolic Surgery, which was spearheaded by DHI’s Dr. Muffi, bariatric surgery is an option for those who have a BMI of above 30 kg/m2 with other conditions, diabetes, sleep apnea, cholesterol, heart diseases, blood pressure, or above 35 kg/m2 without other conditions.

Laparoscopic Surgeries are performed with cutting-edge technology and ensure a quicker recovery time. They leave minimal scars, which keeps the procedure relatively pain-free.

Scope of Laparoscopic Surgery:

Almost all abdominal surgeries can be conducted using laparoscopic techniques. These include common surgeries such as appendectomy, cholecystectomy and hernia repair as well as more complex ones such as splenectomy, pancreatic and colon surgeries as well as metabolic and bariatric surgeries. Most oncologic surgeries for cancer can also be safely performed with laparoscopic techniques. All laparoscopic surgeries are done under general anesthesia and our team of experts, including surgeons and anesthetists, evaluate you prior to surgery to ensure your suitability and fitness for these procedures.

Non-Surgical Programs:

Medically Supervised Wellness Program?

Most individuals refrain from signing up for a fitness program because of their health conditions. Unaware of the fact that a regular fitness regime will only improve their condition, they lack the confidence to do something without seeking medical advice. Medically-supervised fitness programs are specifically curated to meet the needs of such individuals. At DHI, an individual who is a part of the medically-supervised fitness program will be constantly monitored and assessed by a team of healthcare experts throughout the exercise program to maintain an effective and safe progression of physical activity. This will determine whether the fitness regime helps in meeting the health goals of the individual. 

Our Medically supervised Fitness centre: Digestive Health Institute’s state-of-the-art fitness centre is meticulously designed based on the shared philosophy of health and fitness. A dedicated team of certified trainers and medical experts have joined hands to design innovative fitness programs to help you accomplish your health and fitness goals. Emphasizing on individual needs, the fitness centre only offers personalized training programs with myriad world-class fitness equipment.

Mumbai’s First SmartPool – Hydrotherapy: Giving you the opportunity to leverage the positive effects of aquatic therapy, DHI brings to you Mumbai’s first SmartPool. The hi-tech hydrotherapy and water facility is built with the patented technology of Laminar Aqua Propulsion System (LAPS), which produces river-like currents. DHI aims to use its water cure centre to recover power, speed and agility, to shape your body, to improve posture and body alignment, to bring about stability, to enhance neurological stimulation, to ease ambulation, to condense muscle pain and spasms, to reduce pain and discomfort in the joints, and to improve overall muscle strength. The use of water as therapy is an age-old practice, known for restoring, maintaining and regulating one’s health. Hydrotherapy uses water to relieve pain, treat injuries and promote well-being. Such water treatments include saunas, hot and cold compresses, hot air and steam baths, water massages, water exercises, ice pack treatments, mineral springs, etc.

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