Meherbai’s Week That Was!

Meherbai’s Mandli held a get-together at Meherbai’s house to discuss various topics.

Dolly, the Dog-lover: Did you read in PT how Ami Shah made her boxer-dog feel special on Valentine’s Day by flying him to Goa in a private plane? Boxer had a spa massage and a dinner-date on his private beech with Italian cheese, New Zealand steak and Russian caviar!

Dolly’s Dolla: Jabro naseebvalo, this Boxer-Bava. I had to do all the housework on Valentine’s Day and got masoor-pau for dinner.

Meherbai: Every human being yearns to give and receive love and in the absence of children, couples shower their love and money on their pets. Nothing wrong!

Rarto Rohan:  Everything wrong! Why can’t wives show half the love and pampering to their husbands?

Hasti Hilla: Stop cribbing! I always give you Rover’s dog-biscuits because you love them with your morning tea.

Alamai: I always read the morning paper with my first cup of tea. No biscuits.

Pillamai: Never do that! You are filling your mind with all the negative news of frauds, dirty politics, robberies, scams and rapes. Besides all papers have the same ek-nu-ek news.

Freny Fatakri: Forget papers, even magazines repeat the same old articles on beauty, fashion and cooking.

Alsoo Aloo: Don’t even mention cooking which most women hate now-a days. Besides, there are thousands of recipes on the net. So who wants them in the print-media?

Jabri Jaloo: Who reads recipes? And who on earth tries them out? NOBODY! And who cooks today? There’s either a cook or Swiggy!

Abhan Aban: Or Tomato.

Meherwanji: Not Tomato, it’s ZOMATO!

Freddy the film -critic: I say, have you all seen GULLYBOY? It’s a fantastic movie about a rapper.

Abhan Aban: Is that the same as a rag-picker, like Slumdog Millionaire?

Freddy: No no, Aban! Rapping is the latest form of art involving poetry that rhymes to the beats of music.

Aban: For example ?

Romantic Rumi: For example, here’s how I tell my wife in poetry how much I love her… “Tu mahro lal lal gulab; Aney tuj mahro edia no julab!” To which my wife, Romantic Rutty, replies in Rap: “I love you, I love you, I love you, I do; But don’t get excited – I love monkeys too!”

Dolly & Dolla: Please excuse us as we have to go to a doggy-adoption-camp to Doolally Taproom to adopt two pups called Franky and Gin. For Dolly, it was love at first sight as soon as she saw their photo on the last page of PT, and like a good husband, Dolla obliged, knowing fully well that all the hard work of rearing doggies will fall on him, as usual, while Dolly will just play with the pups.

Khadhri Ketayun: What do you feed your dogs ?

Dolly: Two garlic-butter scrambled eggs for breakfast, imported special dog-food for lunch and two chicken-breasts for dinner.

Ketayun: And what’s Dolla’s diet like ?

Dolly: Oh, Dolla is not fussy at all. He has tea and biscuits for breakfast, last night’s leftovers for lunch and masoor-pau for dinner.

Behli Bookworm: How unfair! Just as there’s a Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, there should be a Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Parsi Husbands!!

Meherbai: In today’s day and age of making a vulgar show of money at wedding receptions, two Parsi families from Gujarat gave up their celebrations and the money saved were sent to the families of the martyrs of the Phulwama terror attack.

Coomi Kajwali: There are also some sensible Parsi families amongst us. Two weeks ago, I attended a wedding reception of my Parsi Chartered Account’s daughter at the President Hotel and was delighted to read on the Invitation Card, ‘No gifts, flowers or pehramni. Only your Blessings’.

Zarin: You should have taken me along!

Coomi: Zarin, you try and invite yourself at so many wedding and Navjote receptions!

Zarin: I am very friendly and most popular in my colony. Aprey toh koi bi function ma samai jaiye aney hali-mali ne khai-pee laiye! Ooperthi Rs.51/- ni pehramni kariye since the ‘invites’ usually say, RSVP or ‘Rokdi Sais ney Vadhoo Pasandgi!’

Coomi: Stupid! It’s French for ‘Repondez S’il Vous Plais, meaning ‘Reply Please’.

Meherwanji: Zarin doesn’t know proper English – how would she know French?

Zarin: Of course, I know a little French – Merci Bocoup etle Pencil Bhokoo!

Abhan Aban: Of course not, it means Marghi nu Dokoo!

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