Meherbai’s Mandli Celebrates The Success Of Chandrayaan-3

The ‘over-80, young’ members of Meherbai’s Mandli needed any excuse to have get together, so this week, they celebrated the success of Chandrayaan-3. Even the food was theme-based, like pizzas and parathas (shape of the moon) plus crescent momos, karanjis and mava-bhujias (shape of half-moon) topped by bunpao-maska filled with jam and cheese (full-moon).   Patriotic Pestonji: Three […]

Meherbai’s Mandli Plans New Food-Venture!

The khanar-pinar, farnar-harnar Mandli members wanted a new gastronomic adventure. Lunches, breakfasts, and tea-parties were all old-hat and under Meherbai’s influence, the entire Mandli was into healthy living by not eating anything after sunset. Hence, Meherwanji, the ever-supporting, fun-loving husband suggested a farsan and mithai party at their home, which was welcomed by the young, full of life members (all over 80).   […]

Meherbai’s Mandli Celebrates Parsi Times’ 11th Birthday!

Ever since Parsi Times announced its 11th Anniversary issue, there was hustle and bustle, joy and excitement in Meherbai’s Mandli, who celebrated any and every event with khani-peeni-masti and majhaa! The red letter day arrived and every Mandli member woke-up early to do chok-chaadan, toran and sev-rawa na sagan. Then they jointly called up the editor of PT. to […]

Meherbai’s Mandli Discusses Parsipanu!

The Mandli met at a posh club over an all-fish menu comprising Koliwada-prawns, Surmai-fry, Pomfret Hyderabadi, grilled-Ravas, fish-fingers, barbequed-Basa, stir-fried Squid and Jinga-biryani. Khadhri Ketayun: Bus atlooj? Where’s your Parsipanu Meherbai? We are a khanar-peenar community! This much won’t fit in my left molar – dabhi dahr ma bi nai maasey! Koomi Kaajwali: Mehri, don’t fall into Ketu’s trap. She wants you […]

મહેરબાઈની ગંગુબાઈ

 (જેમને કોલોનીના પોરિયાઓ સેકસી ગંગુબાઈ તરીકે ઓળખે છે) રાબેતા મુજબની વાર્ષિક છુટ્ટી લઈ લીધી અને મે મહિનામાં મુલકમાં ગઈ હતી તે 40 દિવસ થઈ ગયા છતાં પરત આવી નથી!! આથી મહેરબાઈના બધાજ કામકાજ ઉલટા થઈ ગયા અને બધો જ ગુસ્સો તે બિચારા ગરીબ મહેરવાનજી પર કાઢવા લાગ્યા. ગંગુબાઈએ 40 દિવસ પછી પણ કામ પર આવ્યાનો […]

Meherbai’s Mandli Celebrates Father’s Day

Meherbai and her Mandli organised a party for their better-halves to celebrate Father’s Day. The hubbies didn’t mind because they knew that anytime is party-time for this Mandli. The only question asked by the men (fathers!) was “Chhato-Panni hosey key?” The wives chorused, “Haas-to-vari! Party maa Chhato-Pani nai to soo, nahvanoo pani avey?” And so, days before the party, the […]