Parsipanu On Jamshedi Navroz!

Parsipanu On Jamshedi Navroz!

Dear Readers,

It was most lovely to behold the true-blue display of our Parsipanu on Jamshedi Navroze on Thursday – despite it being a middle-of-the-week-day, but moreso, despite the disheartening news that while the government didn’t think it worth their while to heed our appeal about moving the Metro Line, it did bend for the security of a political family.

True to our Parsipanu, we decided to pay our complete respects to the positive and auspicious occasion, by wearing a shiny smile with our lovely, new attires; going to our Agiaries, spending the day with family; with many stepping out for nataks and dinner in the evening, and cheerfully greeting all known as well as unacquainted humdins, ‘Jamshedi Navroze Mubarak!’. Kudos to our spirit! I’m certain that it is this never-say-die spirit which catapulted our ancestors to greatness, and I’m even more certain that it is this very spirit which will help steer all our causes to victory.

On behalf of Team PT, I thank all our readers from Mumbai, India and overseas, for the overwhelming, positive feedback on PT’s Jamshedi Navroze Special issue. We are humbled and grateful to you for taking the time to write in words of encouragement and more importantly, your suggestions, which form the blueprint for our future edit course of action. We are unable to print all your heartening mails due to obvious space constraint, but we thank each of you for the kind words and always welcome your feedback, which helps sustain Parsi Times as the Community’s top news weekly!

Have a good weekend!

– Anahita

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