Women Want To Feel Good, And They Should!


No matter who you are or what you wish to achieve in life, you have to be in the right frame of health to achieve it. To be successful at anything, you have to feel good – about yourself… that you’re worthy and deserving of things; and once you’re there the confidence, will power and resolution will flow in anyways! It all starts with your mind… a wise Latin saying goes, “A healthy mind in a healthy body”, indicating the need for a healthy body as indispensable to a healthy mind. It is true, an unhealthy body affects the mind as well – in more ways than one – chemically, biologically, mentally and emotionally. A healthy body is an integral part of one’s mental and psychological well-being.

Today, the urban Indian woman works shoulder to shoulder with men – handling so much more than men – her career, her household, her children, her social commitments, and more. As a result, most times, she ends up neglecting her own health and well-being. This is especially true for

the lovely Parsi women – who are an evolved, highly educated, ambitious and dynamic lot – they are successful at home yet excel as professionals – they don multiple hats with ease and we salute their multifarious capacities as mothers, wives, daughters, career women, bread earners, daughters, friends, and so much more!

It is only fair then, to dedicate this Woman’s Day to Women’s Health – as that is the ultimate sign of showing care for one’s own self as a woman, and expressing care as those lucky to have lovely ladies to light up our lives…

What Do Women Really Want?

Now that’s a really tricky one! In line with Parsi Times’ Quiz, DHI can answer that with a fair amount of conviction, in keeping with having met thousands of lovely ladies over the past 15+ years of our successful establishment. DHI takes great pride in knowing that we have solved various health issues for women which earlier held them back from achieving what they want… be it travel, dance, performing on stage and in front of cameras, having more successful careers, gaining confidence, being more energetic, engaging in sports, modeling, and various other life decisions and hobbies. The truth is – gender notwithstanding, it is impossible to achieve desired results in any area of life – unless you are fit and healthy, and this is where DHI has proven to be most effective to our patrons by offering life-changing solutions. Women want to feel good about themselves – at DHI we ensure we deliver that promise to the lovely lasses.

We at DHI differ from others because are approach is scientific and based on the recommendation of doctors and professionals – all experts. Our approach is not simply corrective – it is also preventive, and most importantly, holistic. We help plan your entire fitness and nutrition routine with customized advice from a whole team of our in-house experts including nutritionists, physiotherapists and trainers. We design your meals, your workout regime. With our panel of consultants, you can rest assured of the perfect treatment and advice for you!

Numerous Women-specific Health Issues That DHI Has Successfully Resolved 

DHI has corrected innumerable issues for women over the past 15-plus years – as corrective and preventive measure which have helped women break the health-related shackles that have been holding them back from living life the way they want to. Based on our case studies, some of the most common issues that DHI has been able to resolve for women, include:

  • PCOD and Infertility Joint Pains due to Osteoarthritis Depression – Low sense of self and Body image Hormonal Imbalance – Hypothyroidism / Menopause Remission of Diabetes High Blood Pressure and deranged Cholesterol levels Low Energy /Lethargy due to Nutritional Deficiencies Overweight and Obesity Low levels of Fitness Breast cancers Skin/Hair related issues (Acne, scars, hairfall) Acidity and GI issues Food allergies/intolerances. 

At Dr. Muffi’s Digestive Health Institute, our aim and mission is to become your trusted one-stop shop, providing you with everything you need to create and sustain a healthy lifestyle – and more importantly, help you feel good and live your dreams. We live by this philosophy and offer world-class services, expert information and unmatched support to deliver on this promise.

DHI is commended worldwide for our success – we are as much known for our medical expertise and providing holistic life solutions, as we are for treating our patrons with the utmost respect, care, sensitivity and responsibility. Before you are recommended any treatment, you have a detailed consultation with our specialist doctors. Then we help you through a number of relevant tests which help us zero in on and prioritize areas of your health that we would be working on. These tests are reviewed by a panel of our experts who put their expertise together to deliver the most effective, quickest and healthiest solutions in the form of recommended treatments. The team follows up with you dedicatedly on a regular basis (as decided upon) depending on the nature of the treatment. At the end of your treatment, a progress chart is provided to you which has tracked your journey and the milestones you’ve conquered!

 DHI (Digestive Health Institute by Dr. Muffi) is a Center of Excellence (COE) since 2011. DHI has with its team of trained bariatric surgeons performed weight loss surgeries, with successful outcomes on over TEN THOUSAND patients. Ably supported by a strong team of nutritionists, physical trainers, physiotherapists and psychologists who aid patients in their weight loss journey, DHI in Mumbai is known to have operated on patients across all age groups and from across the world. Masters in scarless surgery with a single incision technique, Digestive Health Institute has patients who have gone on record commending its impact – including Venkaiah Naidu, Nitin Raut, Salma Khan, Reena Roy, M P Lodha, Sunaina Roshan and many more. 

Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala, Founder of Digestive Health Institute (DHI), is the President of the prestigious ‘International Federation for Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (Asia Pacific Chapter)’ and has performed over 10,000 successful bariatric surgeries in his 15+ years of practice. He ranks as India’s Number One Authority in the field of Bariatric Surgery and is sought after nationally and globally for his expertise.


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