With unspoiled and magnificent landscapes, Scandinavia conjures up images of breath-taking natural beauty. Magical fjords surrounded by mountain peaks. Dazzling glaciers, inviting waterfalls, and of course, the beautiful thousand-mile coastline. But there is also the charm of the tiny villages nestled along the rugged coast. And the cities with their distinct cultures are so very vibrant and welcoming. Scandinavia is a must-visit on everyone’s bucket list as it has so much to offer to YOU, the traveler! Cosmos, the world leader in value vacations, offers a selection of vacations to the entire region of Scandinavia with tours to Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland. From the scenic mountains to the beautiful coasts and from the pristine waterways to the historic cities, we have just right vacation for you.

Focus on Scandinavia, 12 days from Copenhagen to Stockholm – On this affordable tour, spend time in the major cities: Copenhagen, capital of Denmark; Oslo, capital of Norway; Bergen, Norway’s picturesque second-largest city; and Stockholm, Sweden’s beautiful capital. Visit Lillehammer, site of the 1994 Winter Olympics, and see Sweden’s Gripsholm Castle – a fairytale castle and set in an enchanting rural setting. From the fascinating cities and small towns to the awe-inspiring landscapes, this value-minded Scandinavia tour has it all!

Idyllic Iceland, 8 days from Reykjavik to Reykjavik – Your travel adventure to Iceland is an amazing 8-day journey that begins and ends in the capital city of Reykjavik. Discover one of the most fascinating countries in the world as you experience its unique, almost lunar landscapes, as well as the remarkable culture of its people.

Norwegian Fjords, 11 days from Oslo to Oslo – This trip of Norway focuses on the country’s natural beauty with its glistening mountains, fjords, waterfalls, and glaciers. It starts in Oslo and explores the idyllic Norwegian landscapes and harbor towns – rich with the folklore of pirates and the fiery Vikings.

Northern Highlights & the Arctic Circle, 16 days from Helsinki to Oslo

Discover the northern tip of Europe on this Scandinavia tour through Finland and Norway. Get mesmerized by pristine nature, never-ending forests, spectacular waterfalls, and enchanting fjords. Travel across the Arctic Circle —the land of reindeer and the “Midnight Sun”—to experience the longest days in the Northern Hemisphere and spend time in the incomparable, unspoiled Lapland. Visit the Santa Claus workshop and North Cape, marking the endpoint of the European mainland. Here, stand at the cliff rising 1,000 feet from the Atlantic Ocean, and feel like you’re at the end of the world.

Scandinavia is a large region to travel by oneself. Traveling on Cosmos with Trail Blazers will ensure you have an unparalled experience with lifetime memories. On a Cosmos escorted tour, you  get an authentic destination experience with a regional Tour Director who accompanies you. Travel with international travel companions from all around the world, in deluxe air-conditioned motor-coaches. From Norway’s stunning fjords to beautiful Stockholm to the charming city of Copenhagen, a Cosmos vacation to Scandinavia is like no other.

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