Noshir Dadrawala’s Report On ‘Civil Society’ Published By ICNL

Most within the community know Noshir Dadrawala as Trustee of the Bombay Parsi Punchayet, a highly knowledgeable scholar on matters of Zoroastrian religion and as a regular contributor to Parsi Times. Few know that these comprise only his special interests. In his professional life, Noshir Dadrwala is an expert and the ‘go to’ person in matters pertaining to regulatory compliances for charities in India.

On 21st May, 2019, the US-based International Centre for Nonprofit Law (ICNL) published Dadrawala’s detailed and informative research paper titled, ‘Current Legal Framework for Civil Society in India’, which provides a detailed analysis of the regulation of Non-profits/Charities in India. The report focuses on the obstacles that Non-profits face as a result of onerous regulation. These include challenges related to registration and termination, as well as legal barriers surrounding political activity, assembly and foreign funding.

Noshir is a member of the Advisory Board of ICNL and was formally its Director, till he completed his two terms of office, in June 2018. Noshir’s Report can be available on request by email (

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