Tata Trusts To Renovate Surat’s 99-year-old Parsi General Hospital

Surat’s Seth Rustamji Dhanjibhai Tarachand Parsi General Hospital, which was established in 1920, and in extensive need of restoration, will be  renovated and revived by Tata Trusts, after Ratan Tata, Chairman Emeritus of Tata Sons, accepted the request of the Surat Parsi community for funds to renovate and expand the medical facility which had fallen into dire neglect.

Located in Shahpore in Surat, the 20-bed Hospital, currently is tended by just one doctor and seven nursing staff and is run by the Surat Parsi Panchayat Board trust. As is the case with Mumbai’s Parsee General Hospital, the number of patients have dwindled even in Surat’s Hospital, save a few senior citizens who come for regular treatments; most prefer private hospitals with better facilities.

A team from Tata Trusts visited Surat to examine the state of the charitable hospital and have seen the potential for expansion for the hospital which occupies a built-up area of around 53,000 square feet. The upgraded hospital is planned to be a 100-bed, Multi-Speciality facility with two new buildings housing ICU wards, laboratory and other medical facilities. The overall cost is expected to be Rs. 115 Crores. As soon as the project is approved and funds are allotted, the renovation work is charted to begin. The renovation exercise is expected to take two years for completion.

Surat’s Parsi General Hospital will celebrate its centenary next year.

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