As the community enters another year, one is but forced to look back at the last year which unfortunately, has not been a good year for me – as a Trustee, as well as personally.

In the last few months, the Trust and the Community, lost a very capable and humane Trustee, my colleague and my friend, Zarir Bhathena. Zarir, Noshir and I had approached the community and were always perceived as a trio, and his loss has been a personal blow to me.

Our Chairman, Yazdi Desai, has also suffered a setback vis-à-vis his health and despite our issue-based differences, I reiterate that Yazdi has been a rock-solid Trustee and Chairman. He has always focused on keeping the Trust afloat financially, during these difficult times, balanced with a burning passion for looking after and helping the less fortunate of our community.

As a Trustee, and the Founder of Parsi Times, I hope and pray that this New Year will only bring us all joy and cheer, with peace, love and happiness for all.

I thank all Parsi Times patrons, readers, advertisers and members of the community for your unstinted support and appreciation, even through the pandemic which moved us from the paper to the digital format.

It is therefore a source of immense pleasure, that on this auspicious occasion of New Year, Parsi Times is restarting the much-missed, paper format for the community, to hopefully, hold and cherish!

I take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you the very best for the coming year and am confident that this year will bring love and cheer into all our lives, with abundant happiness and good health!

Kersi Randeria

Founder, Parsi Times

Trustee, Bombay Parsi Punchayet

Even as this issue of Parsi Times was nearly sent to the Press for printing, another sad blow struck the Trust and the community, in the loss of our very honest, dedicated, hard-working and compassionate CEO, and my guide, Mr. Cawas Panthaki, who was fondly called Cawassa by most of us.

We extend heartfelt condolences to his family and pray for his peaceful onward journey. Garothman Behest!

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