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Thoughts About Our Youth

Having heard the speech delivered by Dr. Adil Malia at Sanjan on Sanjan Day – it felt heartening and optimistic. He emphasized how the Zoroastrian religion would thrive despite some of the doomsday prophets’ bleak outlook. This set me thinking about the continuity of Zoroastrianism well beyond pessimistic pronouncements of some soothsayers. Our youth is on the right track, they will carry on the community’s flag… much further into the future we dream of.

Today, many of our youngsters are just not content with a Bachelor’s degrees. They go for higher studies, get lucrative jobs, work hard and progress in life. Not just that, they help other Parsi youngsters to find suitable placements. I get lots of brickbats when I say that I am glad the days are over for young Jarthostis to walk into the banks and get a job by the virtue of their being Parsis or Iranis and sail through an average life. Today they are venturing into paths not chosen before.

There are Parsi deep sea divers, pilots, I know at least two women pilots, a dance teacher and choreographer, entrepreneurs – however small and many are doing catering of various types cuisines online.

We are at the threshold of a very exciting time. Our community is not dying out but metamorphosing into some exciting – Zoroastrianism is too strong, too vibrant to just walk into the oblivion. Alexander could not do it, Islamic hoards – ditto! We are too strong for that! We will live on because ‘Chhaiye Hame Jarthosti!’

By Dara Khodaiji

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